[F] Changing case of file extension causes file icon to change

In Windows Explorer, the file icon remains the same, no matter what case (upper, lower, or any combination) is used to write the file extension.
In my Mp3tag, the file icon changes depending on the case of the file extension.

I suspect a comparison that should be made "case insensitive", is instead being made "case sensitive".

Irrespective of the expected function: as MP3tag cannot guess which file type extension is linked to which application but has to rely on entries in the registry, it looks to me that you have 2 applications that deal with the extension with different spelling.
You would probably get the desired result if you link both case versions with the same application.
It would be interesting to see which applicationj the Explorer would open. And why it would ignore the other one.

It looks like your system is configured with a case-sensitive file-system
(... ??? Unix Services 3.5 for Windows ???, Server versions of Windows ??? Win 7 Ultimate ???)
... and there are two different applications associated with the two different filetypes ".flac" and ".FLAC", ... showing each their own application icon.

However, if you want to have the same icon for ".flac" and ".FLAC" files, ...
you have to associate both filetypes with the same application, ... I think so.
I cannot test this, because I am still on Win XP ... and I can only guess.

See also ...


Thank you ohrenkino and DetlevD for your input.
My system does not allow files with the same name and different cases to exist in the same folder.
It is definitely case insensitive. (see attachment)

And it is not only a difference between flac and FLAC.
Anything other than lower case causes the same incorrect icon: Flac, or fLac, or FLac, or FLAc, etc. etc.

And it is not only flac files that are affected, but also ape, mp3, m4a, wv, and wma.

My system is configured to open each of these file types with the same program (MediaInfo).
This happens successfully by double-clicking, no matter what case is used for the extension.

I associate file icons in what is probably an unorthodox way and I initially thought that may cause my problem.
But then I tried with an asf file, a file type that I have never used before, and found the same behaviour even when associating the file in the usual way.

Mp3tag v2.66 associated icons with file types exactly the same as Windows Explorer (ie with no difference based on case).
Mp3tag v2.71 seems to give the wrong icon if the case of the file extension is anything but all lower case.

In other words, the only difference is the version of Mp3tag.
The attached image shows the same files loaded in 2 versions of Mp3tag, with the same registry values and file associations.

Doesn't that mean that there has been some change in the way Mp3tag handles file icons?

It would be helpful to know exactly where and how Mp3tag obtains the file icons.

I can confirm the behaviour on Win 7, this time for the extension MP3 and mp3

Apparently there are 2 sources for the icons:
Windows Media Player Rich Preview Handler -> capitals
Media Foundation Source and Sink DLL -> lower case

This bug was fixed in ver 2.72a

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