[F] Discogs - Error >> 401 : UNAUTHORIZED


since one or two week, I have this error message when I want used discogs to tag my files...

I have change my C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\sources\discogs.src woth this


but nothing best....

I used discogs.src [2016-01-31] v1.03

How resolve this issue ?


Have you checked this report from just a month ago?


I also get the 401 error since few days. I spent more than 3 hours today to try to fix it, but failed.

Mp3tag v2.75

Error connecting to server: www.discogs.com


Retry Cancel

This is a nightmare.

Getting the same error here.
Unable to search with the Pone or standard scripts.
All worked fine till last week.

Hey all,

thanks for the error reports. This is what happened:

  1. Discogs changed the API access to be HTTPS-only on March 14. Please see the corresponding announcement on the Discogs API Forums. This implies, that all Discogs Tag Sources now need to use HTTPS, i.e., https://api.discogs.com. I've updated the official Discogs Tag Source that ships with Mp3tag to use HTTPS (see the release notes for v2.74). Other Tag Sources that are published via the forums need to be updated by their corresponding authors/developers.
  2. The Discogs servers use TLS 1.2 for SSL connections, which is unfortunately not available on Windows XP. It seems, that people who use Mp3tag under Windows XP cannot access the Discogs API as of March 14, 2016.
Please let me know whether you can confirm that you use Mp3tag v2.75, updated the tag source to use HTTPS instead of HTTP and use Windows XP?

Kind regards

Hi Florian!

Thanks for the reply. I'm using version 2.75 of Mp3Tag & Windows 10.

The original Discogs search seems to work [discogs.src], so will use that for now.
Couldn't update the Pone ones as they haven't been updated since 2014 [bummer!].
Hopefully Pone will be fixed someday...

Keep up the good work, Florian!
Thanks again for your awesome program.

Hi Florian,

seit gestern hab ich mir nen Wolf gesucht und herumprobiert, am Ende alles noch mal neu installiert - null Effekt = 401 Unauthorized remained to come up :angry: :frowning:

THANKS A TON FOR THIS VERY ADVISE! This is something I can understand. Now, I simply changed HTTP into HTTPS (search for api) in every single Discogs Pone .src contained in SOURCES folder. This is much less work than stabbing around in the dark ... It works! until some professional takes pity on a Discogs Pone update ... :rolleyes:

Nochmals besten Dank!

Great! Changing http into https in the pone scripts using Notepad [with edit > replace all] solved it for me as well.

Thanks so much pewe!

Hi all!

I'm sorry I have to report that neither version 2.73 nor version 2.77 work with discogs, be it http://api.... or https://api....

I get the unauthorized-message in any combination of the above.

I'm using Win7 Professional 64bit.

Kind regards,

I have to correct myself:

  • discogs.src is working, when changing http to https (never used this one :rolleyes:)
  • The scripts in discogs_extended_21.zip will not work, wether in a http or https version. How do these scripts have to be updated?

Did you look at
[WS] Discogs (pone mod)

Thank you ohrenkino!
I missed that one. I added the "[UserAgent]=1" line to all the scripts and with https and that line they are all working again.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

I'm using Mp3Tag 2.78 in win10 x64
and today I get "401 : UNAUTHORIZED" in discogs:

In the discogs.src (which is intact, as it ships with the installer) the entries mentioned above have these values:


I've also tried replacing all http with https in the discogs.src but it didn't fix the issue.

QUOTE (ricky @ Aug 12 2016, 16:53) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I'm using Mp3Tag 2.78 in win10 x64

and today I get "401 : UNAUTHORIZED" in discogs:

In the discogs.src (which is intact, as it ships with the installer) the entries mentioned above have these values:


I've also tried replacing all http with https in the discogs.src but it didn't fix the issue.

What about the firewall?
In Mp3tag try Help>Look for updates
You should get a message box: either there are no updates or there is one.
If you do not get a message box then MP3tag has no internet access and is blocked most likely by your firewall.

Thanks for replying.

No, it's not blocked by the firewall. It shows "You are using the latest version. An update is not available".

I just noticed that the issue only occurs if the query contains the dash ('-' ) character.
with "Star Wars IV - A New Hope" :

it occurs,
with "Star Wars IV A New Hope" it shows results as expected.

So I suggest the fix to such cases would be the query to be submitted by Mp3Tag to discogs site having all dash characters escaped ( "Star Wars IV - A New Hope")

I've been having this error with Mp3tag 2.80. I did replace each "http" for "https" inside the sources file but the problem remains.

I was using old configuration files hence the problem. Solved! :slight_smile:

I am getting the "401: UNAUTHORIZED" error when trying to access the discogs database.
Running 2.81, should be the latest version.
Are others having this issue too?

EDIT: Tried a few things. It seems that access to discogs works fine if I input something like "Fritz" as the search query.
I get the 401 error if I input "The Well-Tempered Clavier I BWV 846-849" as the search query.

EDIT2: It's the hyphens. Removing the hyphens makes it work, thanks racky (a few posts back)

Hi guys, I'm having this exact issue for the first time. I upgraded to 2.82 and it didn't get fixed, same 401 error. The album title in this case has two periods (.), if I take them out, it will work ok. Just reporting in case this is something that needs to be fixed in an upcoming version. Thanks!

This should be fixed with the current Development Build Mp3tag v2.83a.

Thanks for reporting!

Kind regards
– Florian

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