[F] DiscoGS tagger dialog bug


When scrolling down selected songs beyond the last placeholder in DiscoGS tagging window, Mp3Tag carshes to desktop (CDT). Sometimes Mp3Tag shows error dialog ("has stopped working") without further information. Bug shows itself with all tested file types and music albums.


Mp3Tag v2.78
Jun 25 2016 13:37:32

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select songs to be tagged (DiscoGS)

  1. Select songs and start moving them down.

  1. One step further and CDT results.

I can reproduce the crash, with the attached error message.

For reasons unknown this thread does not show up in the topic list.

EDIT: Well, now it does, but previously I could not find it witout forum search-function.

This bug is not restricted to discogs websource but happens with all websources, as I wrote in the german bug-section of the forum:

OK, the reason is now known. Thank You.

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