[F] Error accessing files with space before extension (" .mp3")

Love the program! Use it all the time now!
Found a problem today in my use...might be specific to my setup but its consistent
Have a network storage device (NASD) with over 10 000 files I'm workin on "cleanin up"
I am using Windows 7 Pro (fully patched) and v 2.45a build of MP3Tag.

My concern arose when simply trying to change the Title of a single file within my list.
The program would alert me (via Windows) that it couldn't complete the task.
I assumed that the file was locked and made a mental note to go back and change that later.
Well when I finally thought about it and went back to check the write access it was unlocked like every other file.

The ONLY difference in EACH case was an extra space " .mp3" before the extension.

On the MP3Tag display the space is "missing" when the filename is "listed". It is however present when viewed with a simple file browser (ie explorer)

To alievate the problem I simply manually renamed the file - removing the extra space - and MP3Tag functioned properly! I made a rule to rename files using the replace " .mp3" -> ".mp3" but this didn't do anything. Only manually editing the file name enabled me to pass this obstacle.

Hope that helps.

Hi Snuggs,

I've tried to reproduce what you've described above (renaming a file to "Title .mp3" in Windows Explorer, loading with Mp3tag, renaming with Mp3tag) and everything worked fine. Even the additional space was displayed correctly in Mp3tag.

Kind regards,

Must be something specific to my setup thanks for lookin into it!

I had another one this morning and figured I'd post a screen shot so you knew I was pulling your leg.

At least I know how to fix this...

Thanks for the great work on your program!

Can you post the action set you're applying to the files? Maybe the issue only occurs in combination with certain actions.

Oh goodness... I've been doing so much work on this batch of files I couldn't specifically say what 1 thing that was doing it...

I'm ONLY working with 3 items in my work - _FILENAME, ARTIST, TITLE (thats all I care about for my needs)

I've got a store of mp3's from various locations that are poorly managed named, updated etc.

I'm trying to clean them to a point where I can integrate them into my own library media server.

I'm accessing the media server directly using UNC names \\server1\music\ etc etc (and not a drive letter locally) I'm workin on a batch of around 10 000 files.

Often I'm running a set of conversions against the entire batch which can take some time - ie Remove spaces from the front of titles, remove track #'s from file names, remove "_", convert text case to mixed, remove "," change "featuring, feat., feat, ftz, ft. to "ft", alter spacing between " - "
After each run I message the data removing some obvious duplicates, remove things I will never have a clue properly naming (without the use of tune up or something).

Then on to the next batch where I find something I don't like in the stream and change it...

When I am done I will have a properly named (file, title, artist) non-duplicate music stash ready to simply drag and drop into my media library.

Sorry I can't be of more definitive help than that.


*** its interesting to note that since doing this exercise every single file experiencing this odd problem has had a space before the extension. Now I believe I have caught all the problem files and this issue no longer occurs for me as they have all been renamed.

Well, first of all: LOVE this program, extremely useful and works very very well!

I have the same problem: a space in front of the extension makes it impossible for me to rename the files!

I created a action called "eliminate trailung space" and do a rename of _ALL in three steps: I rename " .flac" to ".flac", same with mp3 and ape (the only three extensions I have in my music database (by the way: close to 300'000 tracks - 17'000 albums)

The rename of the action works just fine, shows the corrected name in MP3Tag... but doesn't alter the real file name on disk!

If I want to reload the tag contents into the actual filenames it tells me that it cannot find the actual files to rename...

Wouldn't it be better to check the incoming file list if there are trailing spaces in the name and eliminate them automatically - including eliminating trailing spaces in the tag values? I think no one will ever need any trailing space there (at least I cannot imagine that someone would ever need that)


This has been fixed with Mp3tag v2.46.

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