[F] Files deleted from filter results return to list

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load a bunch of songs (I'm using 5300, but I'm sure it would work with just a few).
  2. Enter a filter to select some sub-set of the songs (I'm using "%_folderpath% HAS 1001").
  3. Use Ctrl+Delete to delete the FIRST song in the filter results. This only seems to fail for the FIRST song in the list.
  4. Move your focus to the "Filter" field. Move to the end and hit .

Expected result:
The list should not change.

Actual Result:
That song you deleted is returned to the top of the list.

Wow, that's bad. Could result in data loss. Thanks for the warning.

Thanks for reporting, endlisnis! I'll fix it to the next release.

Kind regards,

This is now fixed with Mp3tag v2.46.

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