[F] Guess Values action type creates Blank fields


Actually this was already mentioned by DetLevD, but on the Offtopic forum, here:
Empty tag-field in "FLAC / Vorbis Comment" tag?

Fortunately I managed to find this before posting it, but I think this thread should be moved to here, because it's clearly a buggy behaviour.

Since the description is there, I'm not going to repeat myself here again.

I would consider this bug to be nasty and relatively important to fix, although not critical.

Bumping this because the report hasn't been reviewed yet, and I've just run into the same issue.

I tested it for MP3 files and there is no issue.

Yes, MP3 is not affected, we got it already known in post ...
Empty tag-field in "FLAC / Vorbis Comment" tag?

In 2008 there was already a discussion about empty tag fields within FLAC/VorbisComment ...


This has been fixed with the current Development Build Mp3tag v2.81c.

Kind regards
– Florian

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