[F] Incorrect language in UI


I've selected and enabled English language in Options, but some fields shown are in Lithuanian. You can see it here:

Windows 10 x64
mp3tag: v2.85

see this thread: /t/19284/1
(where it was rated as "no bug")

[X] Language problem

Seems like installer wrongly interprets user language. At least I see a problem here:

  • computer language is EN;
  • user locale settings is LT (Lithuanian);
  • mp3tag language is EN;
  • mp3tag installs as Lithuanian;
  • changing mp3tag language does not change some labels.

Maybe it looks like a feature. But what it could be, if user is englishmen on lithuanian's computer, which uses Windows in chinese with russian locale? :slight_smile:

This could only happen if you update an old installation.
A completely new installation creates all the labels as set by the installation language.
In that state, switch to the different language, close MP3tag and delete all the files that store user-defined columns and labels.
MP3tag will then start with the set language.
After the initial installation all labels are treated as user-defined labels and cannot be translated.

That's called workaround. User did not chose that as a setting for all languages. For solution could be label language option included.

The underlying problem is: how do you translate any user-defined label into any other language?
How do you treat labels that refer to standard fields but have their own wording?

As soon as you have a personalized installation (and that starts to live once you have chosen the initial way to install) the personalized data is not touched any more.
I would not call that a workaround but respectful treatment of the user input.

It's not user-defined. It's software defined. Is it so hard to understand?

I understand that it has been discussed at least twice and that it has been graded as "no bug" in each case:

The administrators of this forum grade the bug reports and I am no administrator.
Their decision was "no bug" and I simply supplied the service to make up for what you left out: the research as requested by the forum guidelines if there has already been a discussion on a particular topic.

Don't repeat please.

Your picture shows edit-field labels resp. column names, which have been set up manually by the user.
Because Mp3tag does not translate any given user input into several languages, you have to do it for yourself, if you need it.


No user actions were done except language change.

2nd edit: why not to try yourself before replying?

The screenshot in your initial posting shows additional Tags-fields in the tag-panel, which are in Lithuanian and you have marked with a red border.
These tag-fields are not a component of a new MP3Tag-Installation and therefore have been configured by the user in
Tools - > Options - > Tag-Panel
If you configure additional tag-fields for the tag-panel (as well as for the columns) you have to choose a tag-field and give this tag-field a name. This name is user-defined and no one than the user is able to change the name (translate).

No. Let's try not speculate.

That is not a speculation but a logic conclusion.
Do you see defined tag-fields there or not? This is easy to check.
A fresh complete new MP3Tag-installation (not if there are configuration files from a previous installtion) has no defined tag-fields there.

I can tell you that I change the language all the time from German to English and back, because sometimes I have to check the correct menu-items to aswer in english here.

All my tag-field-names but the self-defined change from one language to the other.
Addtional entries in the tag-menu I configured myself naturally keep the name.

Hello user dauma,

No one doubts that your initial observation is right.
You have also had the chance to see the reasoning behind the function that you grade as buggy behaviour.

What I would like to hear from you is how you think that the behaviour could become less bug-ridden and include the preservation user-defined labels and field definitions.

I didn't define anything. It's fresh install, mate. You can go and delete the files described in links user' added, execute the app and change the language.

I'm not arguing about other worlds, just this, and what I see on my monitor. Let's meet when near, man :slight_smile:

Wow, this topic really went somewhere strange quickly. I'll try to clarify:

TL;DR version:
I didn't consider this a bug in the linked topics, but I've changed my mind. I think Mp3tag should at least translate the fields that are part of the standard installation and are not changed.

Long version:
Two topics are mixed in those posts, which are

  1. Mp3tag's language selection logic

    Mp3tag doesn't offer language selection during installation anymore, because it's difficult to impossible (for me) to achieve this given the architecture of the used installation system and admin-eleveation during installation. Because of this, Mp3tag is trying to detect the user language and uses the user locale as its means to determine the language to be used in Mp3tag. For users with different Windows language / user local, this is sometimes surprising — and sometimes not.

    I don't see this as a bug, but maybe this can be improved further on.

  2. Mp3tag's behavior when switching languages

    Mp3tag offers customization of file-list columns and tag-panel entries and comes with a default set of those. In the past, my thinking was, that I preferably don't mess around with those entries because they might be changed by the user. However, - and this is where I've changed my mind -, I think Mp3tag can detect which fields are changed and which are not, and auto-translate those unchanged fields. This comes with some implementation effort, but I think it's worth the effort given the amount of discussion and confusion which is otherwise produced.

— Florian

Well, if this case should be true, then you did not apply a fresh installation of Mp3tag.
Anywhere in your user related Mp3tag appdata disk folder there might be some old file "usrfields.ini", which carries some user defined entries of foreign language.
Search the folder ... "%appdata%\Mp3tag\data"


Detlev, maybe you didn't take the time to read my post above: those fields are also added with a fresh installation of Mp3tag.

Please don't add further confusion. If something is unclear from my post above, please refer to this post.

– Florian