[F] Incorrect language in UI

Does that mean that Mp3Tag has a look at the tag-field itself, looks at the name of the tag-field and if this name is "original" changes it according to the language?
So you regard a special name for a tag-field in each language as original?
Are there "original" names beyond the predefined column- and tagpanel-view?

Yes. For the tag-panel fields I'd check the default ones (currently ALBUMARTIST, COMPOSER, and DISCNUMBER) and use the translated names for them on language change. Same applies to the columns of the file view.

I'm not sure, if I fully understand what you mean by "special name". I'd look at the internal representation which is the field name that is used internally (same as, e.g., in format strings) and use this one as a means for detecting "original" fields. Then compare the language-specific name of this default field (e.g., Kompozitorius for composer in Lithuanian) and only then auto-translate to the target language.

No. If you add a "real" user-defined entry to the Tag Panel, e.g., "Sortierung Interpret" for ARTISTSORT, Mp3tag would leave this untouched.

— Florian

Sorry, I did not saw and read your statement until after I sent my message.


Florian, would have your planned change affect this file?
Kopie_von_usrfields.ini.txt (874 Bytes)


Kopie_von_usrfields.ini.txt (874 Bytes)

Yes, that is exactly what I meant. I used "special name" as synonym for "Language Specific Original Name" and have to agree that it was not a suitable term for clearness.

O.k. So I understood you right.

Anyway. After 8 years using MP3Tag I have to make a fresh installation to recognize which columns are original and which added or changed by me.
I think a list about these original names in the help-file would be helpful.


U'd like to hear me as a developer? :slight_smile: I'm not sure if I have a permission or ability to do that.

To be clear, as poster said, it's a situation where many reasonable answer could be done. So there were other discussions. There were some tests by me, you can do these too. Let's make mp3tag better. That's what I'd like. Not arguing, not depressing, not bug related. I'm sorry I'm lithuanian and saw that.

And žirniai for all ya.

PS I think it's bug.

I definitely think that this is a bug. It isn't normal for programs not to change fully their language.

My easy workaround:
-Install mp3tag but don't run it!

  • Go to install dir and then go to the "lang" folder and delete all the language files that you don't need (just leave the one that you want).
    -Start mp3tag and everything will be in one language.

If you have already run mp3tag the workaround won't work. You will have to uninstall it and install it again.

If you read post #22 [F] Incorrect language in UI carefully, you will see that some labels will also not change in the future:

Just to not let expectations rise too high.

I've added the proposed auto-translation of the default fields with the current Development Build Mp3tag v2.85k.

Thanks to all involved for participating in the discussion and for patience with me changing my mind about the topic.

Kind regards
— Florian

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