[F] Installer is broken

I just download latest MP3tag (2.81). When I try to install it, I see the broken text in the installer.

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits

From your screenshot I can see that you're using Windows in your specific locale. I'm not able to read this language and to decide which parts are correct and which are not.

Can you please explain a little what you mean by "broken"?

Kind regards
– Florian

Installer shows with unreadable text.
It isn't English. It contains some character in my language but it is not readable word.

It's just random character.


I have marked (only) a couple of the problem letters for you so you can see what is wrong.

Florian, which installer do you use ? Inosetup / Nullsoft ?

My guess that the OP has some DLL's missing on his / her PC.

Almost all text is unreadable (all text that contain my language characters) except English text.

I downloaded the installer from http://www.mp3tag.de/en/download.html

Here is file properties:

File Hash (MD5): BE65707AF460F5D95BB9789E2E48D0C7

^ I understand as I live in Thailand and my wife is THAI and she also can't understand it.

I just pointed SOME errors out for Florian as he can't read Thai.

PLEASE Let's wait what Florian has to say about this, maybe it's a problem with the installer and maybe another error.!

Edit: But (ignoring the (unreadable) Characters) does the Installer works ? Or ????

Thank you.

But I will not continue installing because I can't read these text. I don't want to make any mistake while installing.

OK. I'll wait.

Thanks, Mike. I'm using NSIS and switched to v3.01 from v2.53 with this release (and the betas which led to v2.81).

I've checked the setup and I can't see any prominent issues. Maybe the Thai language file of NSIS itself is broken?


Kind regards
– Florian

Thanks Florian.

As I can't read Thai that well (only at kindergarten grade 2 :smiley: ) it's a difficult problem.

My advice to Illuminator would be.

Have a Search on Forums like Pantip (in THAI) etc to see if there are known errors with Nullsoft (NSIS) and Thai Language in combination with Windows 10.

I will also have a look, but as my Thai language skills are limited I doubt I can find an answer but if I do, I will report back.


read this (maybe it makes sense to you)

Link: https://nsis-dev.github.io/NSIS-Forums/html/t-196558.html

And this

From here: http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Why_does_the_l..._some_languages

These files are readable. I have no idea why installer is broken.

Can you please try the current Development Build Mp3tag v2.81a.

Kind regards
– Florian

It works well! :laughing:

Excellent! Thanks for confirming the fix :slight_smile:


I personally find this a very strange fix. Why ?

NSIS supports Thai (as you already linked to the Thai Language Files) but you default to English when the language is Not Supported, but Thai is supported by the Installer.


I've decided to only support installer languages for which also translations of the actual Mp3tag interface are included in the installer.

There is a Thai translation available for Mp3tag, but it's quite outdated – that's why it's not included by default. This can change if it gets updated to the latest version at some point.

Kind regards
– Florian

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