[F] jumps to begin of file list when deleting file (v2.52)


when removing/deleting (Del/Ctrl-Del) a file in a list longer than one screen, the view jumps back to the first page of the list. can be very annoying when working in a long file list.

never noticed this behaviour in v2.51.

thanks, lG, andreas

Can you please try it with the latest Development Build.

hi Florian!

sorry for late report upon 2.54. haven't been here for a long time ...

problem was first addressed by you in 2.54. it was OK under Win7, but as I normally don't tag on my Win7-Netbook, I never noticed the problem in previous versions. 2.54c works OK as well in this environment.

on my good old XP workhorse 2.54 partially solved the problem. removing worked well (albeit it quickly jumped to the top + only then came back to where new focus had to be). deleting always lost focus + jumped to top!

2.54c under XP simply crashes, in whatever way I try to start it (via start or context menu or desktop icon; yes I did reboot after install).

I'm sorry not to be able to announce full success of your fixes ...

but thanks a lot anyway! Grüsschen, andreas

Hi Andreas,

I've accidentally dropped support for Windows XP with v2.54c but it's back with the latest Development Build.

Kind regards

finally tried out 2.54d: works again under XP and loosing focus line with Remove/Delete fixed!

thanks a lot, Florian!

Great, thanks for trying and talking back!


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