[F] $meta() values lack meaning inside $if()

I will explain this one with an example.

Supposing artist field exists:

$if2($meta(artist),no artist)

returns no artist in Mp3tag
returns value of $meta(artist) in foobar2000

It makes writing scripts more difficult.
In my view, this should be made to work as in foobar.

Can be written as ...
... boolean ...
... string ...

To tweak $if2 to expose the same behaviour when its argument is a text string output from $meta rather than a tag-field resp. tag-field content, there might be done some programming hard work to do.


Yes, it's not irreplaceable. Personally, I use $if(%artist%,$meta(artist),)

foobar2000 is closed source so there's probably no option to get it from there (?)

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