[F] %rating mm% sometimes not work

I've use latest MediaMonkey and Mp3tag 2.65a.
Sometimes Mp3tag can't get value of %rating mm% if rating changed via MM.


You could check if Mp3tag shows the rating in a different tag as all of these programs use the POPM atom. Only the format inside this atom determines what the application does with it, I think.
So it could be that a value that MM uses is not understood by MP3tag - provided, POPM has been used.

for this i need add %rating winamp% and %rating wmp% column or something else?

The extended tags dialogue should show you what Mp3tag made of the field.
Also,you could try POPULARIMETER

how can i view this? i can't find POPULARIMETER or POPM in additional fields of mp3tag

UPD: /t/2826/1


Try the extended tags dialogue first: Alt-T
In this dialogue try to find a field that looks like a rating field.
it should have a field name in that list.
Use this field name to create a column.

Popularimeter has to be entered manually.
But it is still in the list of fields: https://docs.mp3tag.de/mapping

Yes, looks like MM save rating like POPULARIMETER and read it from POPULARIMETER and RATING MM.
Any chance to save and read rating in both POPULARIMETER and RATING MM via one column in mp3tag?

Does MM create a multivalue field? That is: a second field for rating?
AFAIK: as it is always the same field, it is only the internal format that makes the contents appear as a rating for MM or for WMP etc.
So: if the format (e.g. POPULARIMETER with |255 for 5 stars and MM with |5 for 5 stars) does not match the expectations of the other program you will never get the data into the same column.

According to the MM-Forum, the MediaMonkey developers have changed the values they write into the tag POPULARIMETER: http://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewtopic...78&p=389271

The value for 1 Star and 5 Star are not displayed in Mp3tag
½, 1½, 2, 2½, 3, 3½, 4, 4½ are correct!

MM writes the following hex values after "no@email" to the POPM-Tag:
1 Star = hex 01
5 Stars = hex ff

Would be nice, if Mp3tag could adjust this new values and display the values for 1 and 5 Stars correct.

Have a look there ...


Thank you for your scripts, DetlevD.

I would still prefer to see this value correctly displayed WITHOUT any additional scripts in Mp3tag. No offense! :ph34r:

BTW: Are you sure, that MM's 1 Star = hex 17 and not as in my post hex 01?

I've updated %RATING MM% to use the latest values from MediaMonkey with Mp3tag v2.66.

Kind regards

thx! :music:

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