[F] Sorting always by filename

I cannot sort by track no. It makes no difference if I select from the menu or click on the column heading. All that seems to happen is that the first track switches from from first to last place (or last to first) and all the other tracks stay the same.

Further investigation has shown that the "customize columns..." option in the View menu is the place to fix this. It seems that the default sort field for most of the columns is "%_filename%". If you change this in the track column to %track% it seems to work.

This is a serious bug introduced between 2.36h and 2.37. Unfortunately there are already > 20.000 downloads of the new version, so I'll fix it to the next release.

A possible fix would be to

  • delete the file %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\columns.ini,
  • download and install version 2.37 again
  • and run Mp3tag

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