Feature Request: Add the Customize, load/save configuration, mange history in Tag Panel and Filters to top of list

It would be great if this was like the Columns right-click dialogue, that has customize option at the top. It is cumbersome to go to the bottom of the list of tag panel fields (yes I have many) or the fields list in the filter options and press the down button however many times to get to the bottom of the list and reveal the customize, manage history and other options. In addition, sometimes the dialog box extends past the program display and covers the taskbar and you may hit an option you do not which to hit while hitting the down button.

If that is a frequent affair to load and save configuration and you do not want to scroll down a long list, then perhaps the right-click menu is not the optimum way for you to access that function.
If you hit Ctrl-O to open the option and use the tag-panel configuration save and load functions there, you may be quicker and more exact as you can scroll the list of fields there also.

If Ctrl-O is not elegant enough, there is the spanner button in the toolbar to open the options dialogue.

Thanks for the suggestions. That works for the tag panel. Sometimes it takes someone to point out that which you have seen countless times, I guess, because I don't know why I did not think of that!

This does not help, however, with the list of terms you have to go through in the filter to get to "Manage History."