Feature Request - Choose Cover Art Size from MusicBrainz


I am currently trying to update the cover art of multiple albums using the MusicBrainz from inside Mp3tag. MusicBrainz typically has three different sizes for the cover art: Original, 500px and 250px. Mp3tag seems to always default to the "original" size which is typically 2 MB and is not a reasonable option for embedding inside Mp3 files where the track itself could actually be smaller than 2 MB. I was wondering if it possible to add the functionality to choose the Cover Art size among the sizes provided by MusicBrainz in Mp3tag.

Until you can choose the cover size from MB you can just resize any cover art to your wished target size with a right click on a big cover and "Adjust cover":

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@LyricsLover, Oh, I see, that is nice! Thank you for pointing it out.

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