Feature request: cover image re-size.

I would like to request that you add a feature to choose to re-size images when importing them as covers. It would also be a nice option for the export cover function to export any size desired.

personally I want all my cover files to be 500x500 when they are added to the file, and it is REALLY annoying having to manually re-size every cover image.

what would be needed:
CheckBox- use custom size; default unchecked
2 boxes under it- width and length as pixels.
(another possible option would be to change by percent)

I feel that this option would be useful to many people, and it would not take away from anything other people need.

This is an old request, see e.g.
feature request: mass resize cover art pictures

I can only guess the reason why it has not yet been implemented:
MP3tag is a tagging program. It only deals with tags.
It does not edit the audio part - you need other programs for that.
It does not edit the picture - you need other tools for that.

Also: besides resizing there are numerous other functions that a user might want to have to deal with pictures right up to the full version of Photoshop. And that would be completely off course, I guess.

This has been added as "Adjust Cover" from the cover context menu or via an action.