Feature Request: Create folder for each Artist


Can you pleas add future to MP3Tag:

  • Create folder for each Artist and move file(s) belong to him to the folder from any location inside main directory path.

Thanks for Great work

It's already there.
See here: Feature request - Rename folder
or here in the FAQs: /t/8016/1

Not the File(s).. the Folder .. like MP3TAG collect one artiest files and move it to folder with his name. Thanks

Yes, and that's a feature of MP3Tag. You can build a directory-structure as you like and move the files to these directories with the converter or with actions.
There are examples how to do that in the FAQ Ohrenkino mentioned to you.

Actually, it is the file, not the folder.
A fully qualified filename consists of a drive letter, the path, the filename and the extension.
If you include a relative or absolute path component in the filename, you move the file to that location.
would move a file to the folder with the name that you stored in the ARTIST field.

Poster poster showed you functions to use that format string.

Thank you very much every one.

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