Feature Request: Delete (and copy between) certain types of tags (ID3v1, APE)

1. I'd like to request a way to delete certain types of tags:

  • ID3v1
  • ID3v2
  • APE
  • APEv2

Menu -> Delete Tag Types -> Select Tag Types to Delete (checkboxes) -> OK

2. Also it would be good to have way to copy between tag types, e.g. ID3v2 -> ID3v1.


as the tags are mapped internally I think there is no need to copy them.

OK, lets assume I have mp3 with ID3v1 filled, and empty ID3v2. What actions should I perform in the mp3tag to copy all/specified fields from ID3v1 to ID3v2? At this step, coudl I somehow deal with codepage issues (as far as I know, ID3v1 doesn't support Unicode)? If there is no such way, it's a feature request.

A bit of reasoning why I want to delete ID3v1: some players first read ID3v1, and only then ID3v2. But ID3v1 doesn't support Unicode!

Just use "File > Save tag" [Ctrl+S] then.

If you want to delete the ID3v1 afterwards, go to "Tools > Options > Tags > Mpeg"
and at "Remove" only select ID3v1
Then use "File > Remove tag" [Ctrl+R]

Yeah, I'd like to know how to do the same thing.

I have a lot of mp3s with an id3v1 title tag, but no id3v2 title tag.
Would like to batch copy all the id3v1 title tags to the id3v2 title tags.

Can't figure out an action to do that.

Also, is it possible to have one column showing the id3v1 title tag, and another showing the id3v2 title tag?

No Action needed, just do what Dano wrote in the post above yours.

But make sure that in Tools - Options - Tags - Mpeg under write ID3v2 is enabled

Read what is described in the messages above in this thread. You do not need any Mp3tag action, just some manipulation of the Mp3tag options how to read write Mpeg ID3 tags.

Yes, it is possible. Copy a ID3v1 tag field with a different field name to the ID3v2 tag, so that you can see the content of both fields when viewing ID3v2 tag.

If it is not there already, then insert a new column into your list view.
Name: TagRead (TagTypes)
value: %_TAG_READ%[ (%_TAG%)]
Having this column you can easily see what tag types exist and what tag type is currently read.

Use the dialog "Mp3tag/Options/Mpeg".
Read ID3v1 only
Write ID3v2 only
Close dialog.

Refresh the view by pressing [F5] or use the menu "Mp3tag/View/Refresh" instead.
You should now see only ID3v1 tag fields.

Run an action "Format value".
Field: ARTIST_ID3v1
Formatstring: %ARTIST%

This is an example just for one ID3v1 tag field ARTIST.
You have to do this for the other fields too, if you need them.

Note: You cannot see the result after running this action, because you currently look into the ID3v1 tag, although the tag field ARTIST_ID3v1 has been written into the ID3v2 tag by the "Format value" action.

Use the dialog "Mp3tag/Options/Mpeg".
Read ID3v2 only
Write ID3v2 only
Close dialog.

Refresh the view by pressing [F5] or use the menu "Mp3tag/View/Refresh" instead.
You should now see only ID3v2 tag fields.

Use dialog "Mp3tag/View/Extended View" and see both tag fields ARTIST and ARTIST_ID3v1.

If you want to see both tag fields in the list view, then insert a new column:
Name: Artist ID3v1
Value: %ARTIST_ID3v1%


Ok... my fault. I didn't correctly explain what I wanted to do:

I'm not trying to add the ID3v1 tag. The mp3s already have an ID3v1 tag and an ID3v2 tag.

I want to copy the contents of the ID3v1 TITLE tag to the ID3v2 TITLE tag
(For example the ID3v1 title tag says "Chapter 1", but the ID3v2 title tag is blank. I want to copy "Chapter 1" text to the ID3v2 title tag. But do it in a batch process.)

Also, my apologies to DetlevD...
You've been great at answering my posts. Sorry to have you write such a detailed answer to my incorrect question.

(I am completely new to scripting, but I am trying to figure it out from the help file pages)

Well, scottyb, do this what Dano said in Post #4.
Run the procedure against as many files as you want at once (i. e. a batch) (provided you are sure what you do).

With "batch processing" I assume you want to use Mp3tag Converter or Action or Export/Import.
I do not know of any other way than the elaborated method to do content copying from one tag version to another tag version.

Call to the Mp3tag developer and community:
Is there any other proposal out there, beside the already elaborated easy one or two?

This was your detailed question:

I gave you the related detailed answer, how to get exactly the result what you have asked for.
Try out the given method and you might understand how Mp3tag handles different ID3 tag versions.


Thanks DetlevD!

I did the first step you mentioned and it worked great.

I just went to Tools/Options/Tag/MPEG
and under Read, checked "ID3v1" (only)
and under Write, checked "ID3v2" (only) (ID3v2.3 UTF-16 was also selected)
Clicked OK and View/Refresh and all the v1 title tags showed up.
Selected all files and clicked save, and it saved all the v1 title tags to the v2 title tags
(verified by viewing the file info in WinAmp)

Thank you sir!

I love this program!

Ok, scottyb, well done, one less worry!

I am glad that scottyb had no problems with my proposal, although or because he has not followed my suggestion ... please read further on ...

Important addendum!

It has just turned out, that my proposal of copying tag field values from the ID3v1 Tag into the ID3v2 Tag will only work to satisfactory, if one can live with the loss of content from a possibly existing ID3v2 Tag.
In other words, my proposal is only good for fresh files, which carry only an ID3v1 Tag, whose fields should be copied into a new ID3v2 Tag.

Although Mp3tag can be set to not removing a complete Tag structure, it does the removing implicitely when Mp3tag is set to write to a specific Tag structure but did not read this specific Tag structure previously. In this situation Mp3tag behaves as if there is no such Tag structure in the file yet and it will create a new one.

My condolences for all the trouble when trying out my proposal!

I will vow to spread my advices to the world no longer with the sandwich in one hand and the cup of Coffee in the other hand.
Hold me in good memory.


Just stumbling over an old forum message of mine, regarding the copy problem between tag-types of APE and ID3, now I realize, that I should have known it better from the very beginning.
removing ape tags