[Feature Request] Enable 'add cover from url' option

This way, I won't need to download the images to my computer.

You can already drag & drop your images from your online source to the tag panel inside Mp3tag.
Whether you do this for a single file or several selected files is up to you.
Don't forget to save CTRL + S this change.

Damn, I feel so annoyed I didn't know this before.

If you want to resize your dropped cover (or change its format) you can use an action called "Adjust cover" or you can right click on your cover, click on "Adjust cover" and use the dialog box:


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(Sorry for for undoing Solution)
On second thought, I think it would be convenient if there was an option like "paste cover from url" because drag & drop is kind of cumbersome.

Could you elaborate how a "add cover from url" is less cumbersome than drag&drop?
Actually, I don't understand how "add cover from url" should work and how then it is not necessary

when they are saved in the files?

Also, see this thread:

It's less cumbersome cause all you need to do is copy the url (meaning (right) click-->copy) and then right click the mp3tag-album-art-rectangle-thing and right click-->paste. Whereas "drag & drop" requires you to maneuver both windows around, have them both visible, and "drag & drop" it, not always so convenient...

Yes, that's the same thing I'm asking. I didn't see it when I did a search before posting, nor when I was writing the title. Sorry.

You don't have them both to be visible. As with all other window programs, you can start the drag process wherever you want and keep the left mouse button pressed. Then press ALT + TAB to switch to your target program (like Mp3tag) then drop your image into your target. That takes less then a second and don't need any additional copy & paste.

Did you ever right-click on the cover rectangle in the tag panel?

There is a function called "Paste cover from clipboard".
So it the already existing function is even better as you don't have to look for the URL and paste it, you can directly paste the copied picture ...

Actually I just realized it's faster to hover over the minimized mp3tag and have it expand that way. Only issue is if you hover over the wrong icon by mistake you end up expanding the wrong application...

Copy/pasting enlarges the file by 2 sometimes even 3 times the size so no thanks.

Could you check the original format of the file that you copy and paste and esp. which MP3tag version you use?
As here is a post that says something different:

That's only when you copy covers within mp3tag itself. Copy an image from anywhere else and you're copying a bitmap file.

I just did the following:
Select a file.
Go to a web page with a picture - it is a jpg file.
D&D the file into the tag panel -> 600*539, 128KB
Save the file to folder first, then add with "Add picture" -> 600*539, 128KB
Copy the file on the web page and paste it with the tag panel function "Paste from clipboard" -> 600*539, 128KB
This does not look like this

So I don't know what you are doing.

What browser are you using?

I use Firefox as browser.

Well then maybe it depends on how the jpeg is optimized ¯_(ツ)_/¯