Feature Request: Filter option matching diacritics or not

I want to suggest a feature for the filter.
There should be an option in settings if the filter should look for matching diacritics or not.
Instead of placing this option in settings it would even be better to make it more reachable in the near of the filter-field, because someone probably wants to switch it on or off during work.

I try to keep the tags and filenames of music-files according to the orginal way of spelling. Therefore I have a lot of diacritics in tags and filenames of different languages. But trying this does not mean that all my tags are this way and that there are no different spellings present. The desired feature would make it easy to look for those that are in different spelling and not oversee them. And to be honest: I myself often do not know if I used the original diacritic or not.

Examples for diacritics:
and so on

In all these cases the filter should alternatively be able to list all macthing files wether they are written with a corresponding "normal" character (Renne, Farina, Noel, Francoise ...) or one of these diacritics or not.

At the moment I help myself with the very
recommendable third party software "Everything"
This software has the suggested feature in it's options.

But as this software only cares about filenames i cannot filter for tags and anyway it would be a good feature for MP3Tag too.

Here is someone who looked for non ASCII characters:

or this one by DetlevD: Unicode to ASCII

Or you could compare if the filename matches the format string that you used when creating the filename:
"$ifgreater($strstr($lower(%_filename%),$lower(%title%)),0,1,0)" IS "0"
(replace the %title% with the format string)

My aim ist primarily not to look for diacritics or to replace characters with other characters.
The requested feature is a comfort-feature to get all files that match a filter-criteria get listed, no wether it was accidently written with diacritics or not.

If i.e. I filter for the artist "Françoise Hardy" I want the possiblity to get a filter result that matches
"Françoise Hardy" als well a "Francoise Hardy" without having to think about possible different spellings and filter expressions as a workaround.

I doubt that this would really be a comfort function as it would very likely produce as many real hits as it would show false positives.

Esp. with umlauts:
"Es gibt nur einen Rüdi Völler" would appear together with "Ein Kissen voller Träume"
"Löcher" (holes) together with "Locher" (hole puncher)

If you are not sure about the character, why not use
artist MATCHES "fran.oise hardy"

Or Michael Cretu appears like that on some tracks, his original name spells Mihai Crețu. So which do you choose?

Or bands like Motörhead or Mötley Crüe where the umlaut does not follow ordinary spelling rules ....

You would find all these variations simply by sorting.

On a different topic, I find it much more difficult to iron out such spelling variations like
SOS Band
S.O.S. Band
as these hardly ever stand right beneath each other in an alphabetic list and you cannot filter for them as the structure is different.

Also, if you want to be as exact as possible with spelling, you would still have to look for each strange case. E.g. t.A.T.u. can easily be found but you first have to be sensitized that there might be a problem in case and spelling.

Language is not logical and the possibilities to mess something up are endless.

I can assure you that this feature suits me very well with the mentioned software "Everything".
Without looking for files this way it would be very much more work to look through thousands of files without overlooking some of them.
For me its much more comfortable to get listed all albums of "Françoise Hardy" if I accidently enter "Francoise Hardy" than sorting my files. You are write that I could enter "MATCHES Fran.oise Hardy" but that would mean that I had to be aware at any time that there are different possible spellings.

Anyway. My request relates to an option which everone could use or not use, just as he wants. So nothing changes for someone who doens't want to use this feature.

The problem with these "options" is in many cases that they do not really speed up the process.
E.g. Creating an export with or without BOM is something that is very often a subject to support requests, simply because it is deep down in the catacombs of the options.
(see Export to UTF8 without BOM?

In the past month there have been 2 suggestions in this forum for different colouring schemes even though the option with the grid lines is already there.

The next step then is usually to ask to move this option to a more prominent place ...
I have the impression that one cannot win as long as only one solution is considered as the valid one (even though there are alternatives).

What I wonder: the requested feature is not available at the moment. So what happens now?
Do you put all files with non-plain-ascii characters on a "to be done" heap and stop working on them?
And if the feature is never implemented, do you delete the files?
Or do you think of a way how to achieve the goal with already existing functions?
If you find a way with existing functions you have this procedure ready and do not need to wait until somebody else uses his grey matter.

I think it's time to renew my feature request of which I was remembered when I had to repair this option-feature in my serach-engine "Everything" recently, which stopped working this way.

My goal is to find easily all spell variations across different languages. In webosurces you often find non language specific spellings and so after some time you have different spellings of artists, titles and so on. At least in albumartist, artist and album my goal is to avoid different spellings and so I am interested to find these and unify them.

Besides the filter I would find an "Ignore diacritics"-option useful in sorting.