Feature Request for Tag to Filename

Hello from a new user of this community - who however is a user of this wonderful program for many years. Please excuse my English, as I'm not a native speaker.

Today I decided to register because there is a little annoyance that gets on my nerves.

As many people here surely may know, when copying your music from iPod back to PC you get crypted file and folder names. By choosing convert - tag to filename using the formatstring %artist%%album%%title% you can get back your original filenames and folder structure. When copying from iPod classic you're already done as you can copy your files simply by using file explorer. But when copying from iPod touch, you cannot connect the device as drive, and so you are dependent of third party tools which are destroying the original file date and time, overwriting it with the current timestamp.

So here's my request: could it be possible to restore original timestamps out of the modified time field in the tag? I would love that feature!

ID3v2.4, but neither v2.3 nor MP4, has dedicated fields for ENCODINGTIME and TAGGINGTIME separate from YEAR, ORIGYEAR and RELEASETIME. You could use those or custom tag fields to store %_file_create_date%, %_file_create_datetime%, %_file_mod_date% or %_file_mod_datetime%, as needed, before copying the files onto an iPod.

However, most Mp3tag info variables that start with an underscore after the initial percent sign are read-only.

File properties that are usually maintained by the OS cannot be modified by MP3tag.
But you can export dates that are stored in the tags to a text file and use that output for a cmd batch job and a "touch" program.
Or modify your workflow so that the master for the files remains on the PC.

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