Feature request: Increase timestamp with x seconds


Right now we have two options when dealing with timestamps:

  1. Update timestamp (modified date/time) with current date and time
  2. Do NOT update timestamp (modified date/time)

I think an extra option would be useful...

  1. Increase timestamp (modified date/time) with x seconds

Many media libraries use the modified date/time instead of the created date/time to list "new" files. When just changing tags you don't want these files to be recognized as "new" files. However the same timestamp is often used as a means to detect changes. So if you could be able to increase the timestamp with a few seconds the media manager would be able to detect changes, but the changed file wouldn't be on top of the "new music" list.

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Perhaps you have a look at the originally UNIX utility "touch" (also available for windows, apparently: http://sourceforge.net/projects/touchforwindows/) and create a tool-entry for that as it looks as though it can be called with command line parameters.
You would have to cater for the adding and overflow, though.

I still wonder why such a detour is necessary to "hide" files.
There should other indicators like "has not been played" which in my eyes would indicate that it is "new music".
There are systems around that note the "added to library" date instead of file properties ... So perhaps that is a better indicator for the novelty of files ...
And seeing an "old" file further up the list would reasure me that the system has really noted the modification. In a way it is now "new" as it has not been seen with this kind of information.

Create a Mp3tag tool for this utility ...

For example ... (excerpt from the file "tools.ini")
MTTOOLSPARAM='/D/Q/U/C T:\\TEST\\touchmax.exe /setfiles /setmodified /m+1 "'%_path%'" & PAUSE'

The time resolution regarding seconds seems not to be supported.
This would be dependent on the disk file system.

See also ...
Using _file_mod_datetime to change file's mod timestamp?


That's something really different in my eyes. Adding is not the same as playing...

What happens when you delete or rescan your library from scratch?

I really don't want to see an old file appearing as new when updating cover art or capitalization...

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You're right about this. If 'creation date' would be used instead of 'modified date' there would be no problem...

This looks like a viable option...