Feature Request - iTunes Tag Source?

Hi there

I am new to Mp3tag and firstly would like to say what a great program this is. I run a licensed student radio and a while back a load of music was corrupt and many files lost their metadata - Mp3tag made it a lot easier with the use of it's tag sources to retrieve the correct tags and to fix the files.

I have noticed however a lot of tracks on iTunes that aren't on any of the other tag sources which means finding them can be tricky, usually need to manually add most of the data.

Would there be a way to include the iTunes database to retrieve the information or does Apple not allow for this?


Do you mean the local iTunes database? AFAIK it is possible to create an XML export. As this behaves like plain text you should be able to create a suitable text file to import with MP3tag.


itunes does provide an API (Application programming interface), so it should be possible.


Have a look at the search and lookup examples given there. These are the pages which must be parsed by Mp3tag.
But it would be a little bit of work to get it going.

As for the legal aspects, i think it's ok. The preview button would provied a direct link to their store page as they demand.

I'm working on it. Looks good!


Here is the first version.
Tested a few releases and artists, seems to work.

Written tag fields:

The cover picture is always only 100x100 pixels.

The PUBLISHER tag field is not always written in as one company. Ofter there is additional information.

For the TITLE tag field I have picked "trackCensoredName" instead of "trackName". According to itunes' description, the the diference should be that rude words are replaced by * (like "S**t Happens"). But I have detected some examples, where the "trackCensoredName" has the version name of the title (like "Title (Club Mix)" or "Title (Trentemøller Remix)") and "trackName" has not.

The GENRE tag field displays only one main genre (like "Electronic"). The HTML pages have the more than one genre and more defined genre names (like "Electronic, Music, Dance, Techno, Ambient, House") The API has not (at least I don't know how to display it).
See the example above.

For the YEAR tag field, I was not able to get the original year when there are remastered versions on iTunes. The HTML pages have the original year. The API has not (at least I don't know how to display it).

Please give me feeback if you spot some problems.
Everybody is invited to develop and modify this script.

see web sources forum for the finished script

boah ey! :astonished: Super

Thanks for the reply. I'm new to the program - how would I use the script?

script installation & usage:

  1. download the .src file

  2. move the file into this folder: %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\sources

    (just copy&paste this into windows explorer adress bar)

  3. run the script from Mp3Tag with this button:

I made a extra topic for the script for download and further discussion:

Do you think the developers would ever think of adding this as a default with all the other sources - would be handy.

I don't know. It doesn't matter, that's what the Web Sources Scripts forum is here for. Once you have downloaded the script from there and moved it into the correct folder, there is not difference to the ones that were there as default.

at the first, very thanks you to made a itunes.src!
I move the itunes.src to my \Mp3tag\data\sources, but re-run the Mp3tag I can't find this in source button, I don't why...
please help me. thanks!

to check where to put the files.

thank for you reply.
I find the reason, because my Mp3tag folder isn't in C:\Program files, I try to reinstall Mp3tag, then OK.

Your MP3Tag-program-folder has nothing to do with the location of the sources-folder.
Your personal settings, data and sources are located in your user-profile. The exact location depends an which windows-version you use.

is it possible to adjust this script so that users can get ratings out of the iTunes DB and into file tags?

if so, how?

I can't find album or track ratings in the iTunes API Database.
If you can show me how to find that, I will build it in.

If you want to have a look, here is further reading:

itunes API documentation:

There is a mention of "ratingIndex" as an attribute. But as I understand it, I can use attributes only for search, not for look-up pages. That means I can search for albums with a certain rating, but I can't show the rating when I'm actually viewing the album.

example for a release with ratings (not all releases have ratings):
HTML (with rating):
API (without rating: