Feature Request: Keeping last entries in "Actions (Quick)"

I mostly use "Actions (Quick)" for actions that have only temporary importance and if I think at the moment of use, that I will need them not again or not regularly.
But very often I realize that I need this action again because the result did not quite suit me and I want to change a typo or an expression or some other reasons.

Therefore I think it would be very useful if the fields would keep its last entry.
This would make it possible to change small parts without need to enter content in three entry-fields again.
I can see no real disadvantage of this requested feature for users who want to define a completely new action - they have to anter content in all fields anyway.



Would it not also be beneficial to have a shortcut key to repeat the last action?

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My intention is not to repeat the last action but to have a preselection for the invoke of "Action (Quick)" to get the entries of the last action in the entry-fields including the action type. For this I need no additional shortcut-key because it's already there. A repeat then would only afford one klick.

This is a very good idea!

This would indeed be useful.

+1 This, or an action that can bring up a pre-formated quick action box.
The original request would cover most of what I'd want anyway, but I'll explain further.

I love the full action setup, but like the original poster, I often perform a series of quick actions over and over again. For different reasons - audiobooks in my case - reformatting them to the way I like them. This means often replacing the title/naming convention among other things. That means I have to go to quick action, replace, and then type in title lots and lots of times. The problem is the title is not something that can be made into a real scriptable action, since the naming convention varies a lot.

If there is a way to create an action that brings up a certain dialog (in this case Replace with Regular Expressions) and then fills in the Field box (in this case Title)

I also use other particular things in the replace dialog box a lot - but that's the one that's far far above everything else.

... I would love you all.



I've now extended all quick actions to remember previous inputs with Mp3tag v3.14d.

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This function is very helpful indeed. :+1:

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