Feature Request: Last.FM Genre Lookup Tagging

One feature that I would really like to see is the ability to look up the artist on Last.FM to obtain the most common genres that the music is associated with. When looking up an artist on Last.FM, you can select the option to see 'more tags', at which point it provides a visual display (font size) of which tags are the most common. It would be great to have mp3tag look up the artist, parse the results/html, and provide a listing of the top (3? 4? 5?) genres typically associated.

Also, if when looking up album artwork on Amazon, it would be nice if Mp3tag looked up both the artist and album, instead of only the album (by default).

PS, I love Mp3tag! Thanks so much for this software.

Last.fm script:

You can edit the Amazon script and change
[SearchBy]=%artist% %album%

Great!!! Thank you.