Feature request: Make file properties selectable

Would you please consider making file properties selectable or at least the file path in the main window?
You may say that the path can be selected from the Directory box in the main tag editor. That is true but it won't work in my case.
I am dealing with a big library. What I do is, for example, I search for a particular artist, and the file browser (Windows Explorer or any alternative application) returns everything it finds within seconds as the library's content is indexed in Windows. Then I select all these files/right click and open with the tagger from the Windows shell menu.
When I do it, the directory box will show C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp. So, if I now want to go to a particular folder to physically access a file in it I have no other option as to browse to this folder manually which can be time consuming and frustrating.
Additionally, a very usable feature would be to have an ability to go directly to a file's source folder from the right click menu.
Please let me know if this can be implemented.

Thank you!

Copying file paths to the clipboard is on my internal wish list.

Navigating directly to the file's source folder from the right-click menu is possible via a user-defined tool.

See FAQ: Open files in Windows Explorer for a full example.

Thank you for your quick response. This worked just perfectly.

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