Feature Request (Mp3tag TC Plugin)

Please add mp3PRO file extention support. Or if it is possible for me to add this now, let me know. I tried adding in ext="mp3PRO" but looks like I can't do it that way.

I am using foobar media player. It uses Nero's mp3PRO plugin for mp3PRO support. In order for foobar to use Nero's mp3PRO plugin I need to use the extension of .mp3PRO.



please check out the new mp3tag.wlx v0.98 :slight_smile:

~ Florian

Thank you very much for the quick response. I wasn't able to get it to work with .mp3PRO file extentions though. After installing latest Foobar v0.7.6 Beta 1 I looked over the preferences again. I noticed that I can add .mp3 file extension in the Input/Nero decoder section. Guess I'll need to rename all my mp3PRO's back to mp3 now hehe.



You have to delete the detect string for mp3tag.wlx from wincmd.ini or have to reinstall the plugin via Lister's Configure, LS-Plugins in order to detect mp3pro files.

~ Florian

hello. I just got this software: i hope it will help me to sort my cds.
my question is.. are other file format plug ins available ?
i d like to sort my ever-growing OGG list and my MOD - XM library.
basically all file format supported by winamp will go.



a growing list of supported file formats is listed

here (2. Welche Tag-Formate werden von Mp3tag unterstützt? )

Please even try out some basic things with the software before posting your questions!

Please also note, that you posted in a thread which covers the mp3tag.wlx Total Commader Plugin and not the stand-alone application. The plugin only supports MP3 and Ogg Vorbis at the moment.

BTW: The supported file formats are also listed on mp3tag.de main page.

~ Florian