Feature request - Multiple Column Sorting

I'm currently working through a TON of MP3 and WMA that are in Artist folders with albums under them. I drag\drop from the top directory containing artists and MP3tag parses the various albums from the folders underneath. Once it's parsed I first sort by track number then by directory. My final sort is usually all of the songs sorted by track in the proper folder order - perfect for tagging.

However when I drag\drop the next Artist folder the last sort is the only one "remembered" so I end up having to repeat the track header click and path header click. The program seems to correctly remember only the last sort. that this allows me to even do a sort on multiple columns might not even be intended but it works well :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to save the last two sorts when switching directories? Not sure I can think of a situation where more than two would be needed...

Hope this makes sense :unsure:

DOH! Moved to the 2.35n build and the sorting has gotten hosed. If I sort on a Path I find that not all files in the same directory sort together :frowning: I can work around this but it's harder to use, not sorted quite right, the double sort I described above is sometimes "off", and in general something broke moving from 2.35m to 2.35n. I'd go back if I had the executable to do so

Hopefully this change in functionality isn't intentional :astonished: