Feature request - text-pastable tags

Please could the tags copied to the clipboard be made pastable as text e.g. into a text editor? Thanks.

AFAIK it is already possible to copy a single field to the clipboard.
For more fields there is the export function which creates a text file.
I think that the clipboard has a limited size whereas a textfile may become as long as there is space on the storage device.
Also: you probably do not see all fields in the files list but you can use an export script that exports all data.
You may define the meta format for the export (plain, rtf, html, probably xml) which saves you tedious conversions. I doubt that the clipboard supplies these functions.

You can play with the attached script.
Mp3tag_Tool____ToClipboard.txt (1.29 KB)
You can find gclip.exe there ...

There is another method to get content from the tag-fields and to copy them to the clipboard ...
Export for RYM


Mp3tag_Tool____ToClipboard.txt (1.29 KB)

True, but I said tags plural, not field singular.

True, but that requires one to code a script.

Clipboard may be up to 2 GB. That's big enough for me.

The clipboard support all those formats and if the app so choose, Copy to copy to clipboard could use an export script.

But my request is to copy the whole of the selected tags as plain text. It would be nice aso to have the option to copy just the shown fields of the selected tags e.g. like J. River Media Center:

Thanks D, but here it fails - shows

then launches IE with the home page.

Useful - thanks. BTW it works on IE6, but not on Chrome 30.

Hm, the given example script contains different test approaches.
You can remove all lines regarding image search and escaping and so on.
When you run the cmd file via Mp3tag tools, then a line with Artist Title should be put onto the Clipboard.
Did you see it?


OK, I get it now, D. I had miunderstood the installation instructions :slight_smile:

Yup, e.g.

"Edwyn Collins A Girl Like You"

I can find no way to remove the quotes. %~P1% causes fail.

Also I note this only works on a single track.

Useful to have, though. Thanks!

SET P1=%~1
... removes the double quotes from the first parameter.

Hm, you may set the Mp3tag tool option for opening multiple instances, but that does not fit because gclip.exe has no support for adding to the clipboard.

Using gclip.exe is just a stopgap (german: Notbehelf).
From internal Mp3tag it would be easy to implement outputting text to the Windows standard clipboard.


Thanks. That works... except it causes fail where the string contains e.g. "&" e.g.


More pledges please...

chrisjj, I have some questions.

  1. Would it be feasible for you, would it be ok for you, to run a Mp3tag tool with given parameters?
    The tool will copy all given parameters to the clipboard, depending on the maximal size of the commandline of course.

  2. How should the parameters put to the clipboard?

  • Should the entire parameter part of the comandline put to the clipboard without any change?
  • Should the parameters on the clipboard ordered from left to right, as given by the command line when calling the tool?
    "Param1" "P a r a m 2" "Param 3"
  • Should the parameters on the clipboard ordered from top to down, each parameter in a new line?
    "P a r a m 2"
    "Param 3"
  1. Should the parameters on the clipboard be enclosed in double quotes or not?

  2. Do you want to have the chance to view and edit the parameters text before copying to clipboard?

  3. Do you want to run such a "PutParamsToClipboard" tool against only one file or against a set of files?
    For multiple files how should the output to clipboard be organized?



In what ever format that allows paste into other programs e.g. text editor, music librarian such as JRiver Media Center.


Against the selected files.

As Media Center would be good:

Name    Artist    Album Artist    Album    Rating    Genre    Track #    Duration    Bitrate    File Type    Date    Filename
Tic, tac    Enríque Rodríguez canta Armando Moreno        Chris Misc. Trad. [02480002928829]    ? stars    Tango    22    2:30    577    wma    1941    (Install Drive):\TLIB\02480002928829\1\22.wma
Desencanto    Francisco Canaro canta Roberto Maida        Chris Misc. Trad. [02480002928829]    ? stars    Tango    23    2:37    309    wma    1937    (Install Drive):\TLIB\02480002928829\1\23.wma

Chris, I thought that this thread is done.

Use the export script from there ...


Thanks D.