Feature request:

I would very much like to comment my action scripts. They can get kind of obscure, especially ones that are no longer fresh in my memory! I would like to see:

A comment or null "action" for making general notes about a script
A comment box for every action for notes specific to that action
The ability to comment out/in actions (for debugging)


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In the meantime you can help yourself by the following methods.

Proposal 1:
Note: $char(0) represents the null value, which usually marks the end of a textstring.
If you want to put a comment into an action group, e. g. ...

1=$char(0)'Author of this Mp3tag mta action script is ...'

This way the comment is part of the mta text file, but does not create any tag-field.

... or ...

1='This is the title string'$char(0)'This is the comment string'

Proposal 2:
If you want to put a comment anywhere into a formatstring ...
Actiontype 5: Format value
Field ______: TMP_FILENAME
Formatstring: [REM Store current filename.]%_filename%

In Mp3tag the square bracket clamp has special meaning.
If the clamp contains a tag-field which does exist, then the content within the clamp will be displayed.
If the clamp does not contain any tag-field value, then the content within the clamp will not be displayed.

There is an example script ...
CD´s einer Compilation zusammenfügen

DD.20150603.1319.CEST, DD.20150611.0943.CEST

I would find a more robust implementation of this feature to be quite helpful.

For example, it would be great to have a description of an action group popup when scrolling over the group in the drop down menu.

Also consider how the description gets attached to an action group. I create many of my action groups using export configurations.


I vote for comments in actions as well!!!
Both a general discriptive text and a comment per line/action.

Ad least I have forgotten some of the reasons and funktions of long action scripts after some weeks, and comments would be very helpfull.

And having a pop up in the action menu is a nice idea!

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Comments would be much obligated

Right I have a TXT file, explaining what action does what; which keeping it up to date is a drag, but a necessity at the same time for me

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