Feature Request


Fist I want to say that I really like the clean and straihghtforward design of your program.
There are two feature request I want to post here:

  1. It would be nice if there's an option to write clean tags when clicking save. I mean that if I edit the tags of an mp3 and someone have previously had entered e.g. a Composer tag or other this tag will be still there after I update the tags. Ofcourse I could delete the tags before updating but it will be nice if I there's an option to clear all tags except the one I want to leave (e.g. Artist, Title, Album, Comment, Track number, Genre) upon clicking save. It will save a lot of time.
  2. It will be nice if there's an option of auto-numbering Track numbers for selected files.
  3. The freedb part is good but it will be better if there's a way to actually preview the freedb data uppon choosing a cd. I mean that when you do a freedb search and you end with a several CDs to choose from it will be good when you click on a cd you get an immediate preview of that entry.
    That's all. I think if you incorporate this changes you're tool will be really better.


Hello egalitarian,
I don't know if it helps, but I'll try:

  1. Let's say you have 20 MP3's and you want to leave the Composer, Title and Track untouched. The rest of the information should be cleaned.
    Mark all 20 MP3's. In the Edit-fields choose for Composer, Title and Track.
    For all other Fields choose .
    Now klick "SAVE".
    All fields where you have choosen to are empty.

If I've understood you right, you want to config: "Clear the x,y,z-Tags everytime I save."
You still can achive it, even if it is an extra step to do.

Hope this helps a little bit


Hi Siegmund,
I simply don't have an access to any other tag except Title, Artist, Album, Year, Track, Genre and Comment. I'm talking here about the other tags available in id3v2 like Composer, Beat, Copyright, Mood, etc. etc.
I don't need an access to them via the mp3tag tool but only to be deleted. I have many mp3s with such tags filled. What I'm talking here is a way to remove all such extra tags. Maybe if there's an option to recreate id3v2 tag from scratch on each save.


Hi egalitarian,

I'll add an option to clear the tag before writing it in the next release of Mp3tag.

With best regards,
~ Florian


Tnanks, Florian
Very kind of you. It will be useful. I'm looking forward to it. Seems that I'll switch to mp3tag as my primary tagging tool. You may consider auto-filling the Track No. tag for later release too.
Best Wishes,


Hi egalitarian,

there is one big problem! The < keep > status of the tag fields will be ignored, when the 'write new tag' option is enabled. This is by design.

That's why I decided to not implement this feature.

~ Florian


Hi Florian,
I understand. MP3Tag is still a good tagger to use


This is something that I would find very helpful too. As for now, if I choose one of several CDs and it's not good or the wrong one ... I have to abort and do a new search (maybe more than one time).
I didn't find an answer to this part of egalitarian's post ...



I'll add a 'Preview'-button to the freedb dialog in the next release of Mp3tag.

~ Florian


Thanks, I really appreciate it!
Nick 8)


Hi Florian,
I re-read the post and found that we missunderstand each other :wink:
The tags that I wanted to be deleted are not the tags that your mp3tag tool supports like artist, album, etc.
I was talking about the other tags that I cannot see in mp3tag like the id3v2 tags:

    Lyricist Composer Language Rating Tempo BPM Studio etc.
Infact I want cleared all tags except the ones that are the same for id3v1 and id3v2 (the ones that I can see via your tool). I find all these extra tags annoying and useless and it'll be nice if these tag are cleared upon save or at least there's an option about it. I really don't like such info to be written in my mp3's and very often I find mp3's with such info filled in - most of the time in a wrong way.

Also is there a way to renumber the selected tracks (track number tag) like based on the file ordering? Sorry for nagging at you - I know that you release a free tool but it'll be very nice of you to include this features.

Thank you for your great tool. ;D ;D ;D

Best wishes,


Hi egalitarian,

The < keep > status of the tag fields will be ignored, when the 'write new tag' option is enabled, because with the -option I'm not writing anything to the file. If I first delete the whole tag and the write a new one with some -field, the -fields will be deleted an not saved again. This is a design flaw in the code of Mp3tag and I could not change this easily. I think you have to delete first and then write your tags.

I'll implement a renumber-wizard to the next release of Mp3tag.

With best regards,
~ Florian