Feature requests: capitalization & customization

  1. Drop down menu for word capitalization: capitalize everything / capitalize separate fields / capitalize filename. As it is now - when capitalizing - some field contents (or file names) turn "wrong" - for example III, IV into Iii, Iv etc.
  2. Toolbar customization - I have no use for some functions/buttons

Point #1:
There is no drop-down menu yet, but you can already achieve "capitalize everything" and "capitalize separate fields" and "capitalize filename" with the Menu Convert Tag->Tag or an Action.

Convert Tag -> Tag (this works for every field you want,
including _FILENAME)

Please show us some examples from your collection where you get "wrong" results.

When I say "wrong" capitalization I mean capitalizing the first letter. For example I want to capitalize the first letter of the "Artist field". If I press the button "action->case conversion" every first letter of every field, and also of the filename, is capitalized, i.e. if an album contains tracks such as Part II, III, IV etc I have Part Ii, Iii, Iv. The same applies to every field, i.e. Live II becomes Live Ii, Amon Duul II becomes Amon Duul Ii etc. What I mean is that sometimes you need to change the letter case in the title field only and some other times to do that only in the artist or album field.

Do you mean the first letter of the entire content in a field or the first letter of every single word in a field?

How do you want to capitalize this ALBUM content example:
Album part II and Live III and PART IX

should it be
Album Part II And Live III And PART IX
Album part II and live III and part IX
Album part ii and live iii and part ix
Album Part II and Live III and Part IX
or another variant?

Instead of using $upper you could also try one of the three existing $caps, $caps2 or $caps3 variants.

There are many examples how they work, just enter it in the search field in the upper right corner.
Please show us real examples where none of the above functions works for you.

The first letter of every word. Keep in mind that when renaming and tagging many files the actions must be as simple as possible.

Please keep also in mind that there are many different languages with many different rules in respect to capitalization (or not).
So you would have to find what suites you best.
And then you have to cater for all the very individual names of artists like TAFCAP or t.A.t.U. or even Paul McCartney, 10CC or 10cc or 10 Cc or 10 CC?

Perhaps this thread gives you an idea:

I'm not searching for Artificial Intelligence. I realize that McCartney will always change to Mccartney and 10CC to 10cc, that's why sometimes I need to keep some fields unchanged while changing others. And I want to do it in a "simple" way. i.e. choose among all fields and specific fields.

Then please have a look at the documentation:

The description of the case conversion action shows that it can be applied to a single field or more.
And as apparently the documentation is something new, please see also the function to create action groups

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