Feature Requests

Firstly, many thanks for such a GREAT program!
Here are a few feature requests:

  1. Would it be possible to implement a user rated 5-star rating (similar idea to iTunes) for users to rate their own songs?

  2. Is it possible to add CTRL+Enter to jump from the song selected to the Windows Folder where the song is actually located on the hard drive?

(Actually this feature was available 1 year ago in one of the older versions. Now, CTRL+Enter just launches the song in your music player, which is redundant because pressing [Enter] also does this).

Thank you in advance!

  1. itunes uses a database to store ratings, Mp3tag doesn't have such a thing and won't get one.
    So if you want to rate songs, you need to store it in the tags.
    You can create a column with a field lilke %rating% and put in the number you want.

  2. Neither [Return] nor [Ctrl+Return] has any effect for me. The key to open the default player is [F4].
    If you want to open the explorer via shortcut, you can create a new tool entry as described in the FAQ.

Personally, i think ID3 should store track rating (think of the compatibility!), and also CD number/total cds, but that's off topic....

Again, to repeat w0qj, thanks for a great program, it's easy to see a lot of hard work has gone into it.
The the tag/filename conversions are specially useful to me, because it makes up for my ripper not supporting tagging individual artists e.g. compilation cd's (CDex).

I was wondering if it could have some kind of support for Muzic Brainz , so that tagless files - i.e. tracks without any identification - could be tagged.


OK, anyone serious about organizing their MP3/WMA collection (you'll likely get multiple versions of same song in different sound qualities from different sources), you definitely need this CTRL+Enter to jump from song selected in MP3Tag to jump to the song in Windows folder to work on it.

Just spent a lot of time organizing, and this CTRL+Enter (or right-click and "Jump_To_Folder") option is definitely needed. It was a real pain to manually check out which folder tree the different versions of the same song was in, then manually finding it using Windows Explorer.

There definitely was an earlier version of MP3Tag a year ago that did this--I used it back then...

Please help to re-implement this feature back, as it is genuinely useful. tks!

You can add Windows Explorer as a tool in Mp3tag and pass it /select,%_path% if that is what you want.

Examples taken from my Mp3Tag's TOOLS.INI:


MTTOOLSNAME=&Explorer hier

MTTOOLSPARAM=/N /L\u003d"%_folderpath%" /R\u003d"%_folderpath%%_filename_ext%"

Good luck!

Question to the forum: What does MTTOOLSINST=0 resp. =1 mean?


That's what the DISCNUMBER tag is for. You can use it the same way you use the TRACK tag, and have for example: DISCNUMBER = 1/2. Disc one of two.

It denotes the status of "for all selected files".

ah ... yes.


Again off subject... :frowning:
Ok what about the rating then.