Feature suggestion: Allow user to store singer names


Mp3Tag allows us to define our own genres and remembers them. It also allows these definitions to be saved as configuration file.

This is useful in countries/cultures that have their own genres (e.g. ghazal).

This same concept can be extended to singers as well. By default, the singers are not saved like genres because there are too many singers, and it is not practical to save their names as a drop-down list.

However, in India, the market is not overcrowded with singers. Also, many popular singers enjoy a long career, and produce a large number of tracks. Therefore it is a good idea to let the users save the artists' names, and let these names be added to the Artist field.

To be precise, the suggested feature is as follows:

  1. Allow the user to save an artist's name (provide a new "Artists" node in the File > Options dialog)
  2. Allow the user to add multiple artists' names in a comma-separated list

IMHO this same situation would be applicable in many countries. So this feature would be useful in multiple countries.

The drop down feature has been raised several times. Workaround: foobar2000 + TagBox plugin. Be careful with its limitations in ID3v2 tagging, as TagBox is no longer developing. There is no problem with FLAC; i did not try the rest.

Unfortunately, the search in TagBox works for initial letters only. For full text searching you must to use other options (foobar core search, Facets, and so on).

Or use already existing MP3tag functions.
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