Feature Suggestion - Deselect All

This would be a VERRRRRYYYYY useful function to add. When you go to "Actions", you see all the actions that have been created. You select the actions you want to perform and then select "ok". Now when you go back to "Actions" to run totally different "Actions" than the ones you just performed, all of the "Actions" from the previous edit are still selected. How about adding an option to "Deselect All" from the "Actions" menu? This would be awesome because let's say you just ran the "Action" that adds the track number to the beginning of the title. After performing that "Action", you now want to change the spelling of a word using a new "Action". If you go back to "Actions", it is easy to forget that you selected the "Action" that adds the track number to the beginning of the title, especially if this "Action" is way down the list. So if you forget to uncheck the "Action" that adds the track number, it will perform the "Action" again (i.e. the title will now be 01 01 Track Name). So then you have to undo what you just did and then go back to "Actions", unselect the "Actions" you don't want to perform, and then run the "Actions" that you do want to perform again. Having a "Deselect All" function within the "Actions" menu would easily fix this.


I would like to add that it also would be a useful feature if there were a counter that tells you how many actions are currently selected.


Yes and yes

And also: maybe some additional icons for quciker movement of the actions up and down the list?

I have almost 200 actions, most of them grouped in menus and sub-menus. Whenever I decide to add something entirely new or re-arrange the already existing list, I have to co click on one of the triangle icons- and then watch as the selected action moves relatively slowly on the list. And the I often have to repeat that for other actions correlated with the initial one, if I want to retain order in the window where I edit them

Overall the process is slow. But if there was something like a double triangle icon which would make the actions go by two positions, then the time could be roughly cut by half. Or maybe the already existing triangle icons when pressed and hold could work slowly [i.e. like they do now] for something like 2 second, then speed up a little for another 2 seconds- after which [when still pressed] the movement would speed up once more. That other solution I have seen in other pieces of software

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Mp3tag v3.02a adds various improvements regarding handling of action groups including most of the ones discussed in this topic.

You can now select multiple action groups and change their enabled state via a click on one of the checkmarks of the action groups in the selection (or via Space). You can also disable all action groups via the Ctrl+U keyboard shortcut or enable all via Ctrl+E.

I've added an indicator on how many action groups are selected to the action groups dialog.

You can now move items (also in groups) via keyboard shortcuts or drag'n'drop.


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