Feature Suggestions for mp3tag: tree-like file explorer, and explicit tags in "Advanced Edit"

Hello there,

I have been using TheGodfather (.:: The GodFather ::.) 0.7 for ages - but sometimes it starts showing its age (random issues with file access or UTF-8 characters).

While mp3tag has been a useful alternative, it still lacks (for me) two important UX features:

  • Tree-like file explorer: I'd like to have some kind of UI-way to navigate the filesystem.
    Optionally, there could be a "magicbox" that focuses/opens the folder (or file) indicated by a (quoted or not) path given as an input.

Also, the basic editor in the screenshot above is better e.g. on writing comments: the field it is selected in mp3tag is a one-liner text; The GodFather has a multi-line field

  • "Advanced Edit" in a more UI form: While there seems to be an extensive "advanced editor", it lacks the "friendliness" or "descriptiveness". e.g. on the matter of covers, there's no way to add a second cover as e.g. back cover - everything is always a front cover.

I understand I am "too attached" to The GodFather, and mp3tag is not that :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope, however, some usability features find their way into mp3tag sometime.

see this comment by the developer:

and even though it is already a little older, you can see what has happened in the meantimeto this feature.
But: you can drag and drop folders and files from the explorer into MP3tag - so you can have that extra window open all the time.
To open a

create a tool that opens the explorer in the folder of the currently selected file.

To suggest features that are already features ... well ...

You can set any field in the tag-panel to be a multi-line field.

This is wrong. You can set the cover type during import with actions or with a right-click on the cover display.

Most of them already have.