Feature suggestions: simplicity

I've been using Mp3tag along with Tag&Rename, mainly I first start up Mp3tag and remove all unnecessary tags (those I personally don't want there), and then I add image art and some other automated actions. After that I use Tag&Rename and edit all the Disc# and Track#. This is only because I think Tag&Rename has a better overview of titles etc, and can do folder views better.

Anyways, having used both program for many years now there are two things I would really like to see in Mp3tag, and I'm guessing they can't be too hard to implement. I'm definitely not saying they should be standard, but I wish for an option in the settings at least.

  1. Please have an option to automatically 'select all' files upon loading folders or files. I know this will be scary when having multiple, maybe hundreds of albums loaded. But an option in the settings would be nice for those who want to use it. Since many out there simply right-click a folder and then select everything manually, or press ctrl-a, you would save a lot of key and mouse usage.

  2. When right-clicking (context menu) an mp3 file or any other mp3tag supported file through explorer, and then click 'Mp3tag', please have an option to load the whole folder, instead of just the file. I'm guessing this could be done by editing the registry, but I don't know how though. If anyone has a .reg file to do this or any other fix, please post the info needed.

I called the topic simplicity, and it pretty much speaks for itself.

Sounds good.
For now ... you can reach your goal in Mp3tag, after loading the one selected file, by pressing the keystrokes [Ctrl+H] [OK] or click the corresponding symbol in the main menu, to get all other files from the same folder.

Note to the developer:
In the english language version of Mp3tag the "Ctrl+H" info is missing in the "File" menu.


I made registry keys for Windows 7 that load the whole folder:

Or [Ctrl+D] [OK] is also good.

dano: I have Windows 7 64-bit :frowning: Forgot to mention that.

DetlevD: You don't like the number 1. suggestion?

By the way, the keyboard shortcut solutions doesn't really solve any simplicity or minimize the clicks/key presses. Thanks anyways guys, really appreciate the time you take on this topic.

Another way to load the whole folder is by clicking the Directory switcher, but that still takes at least two clicks.

You see why I'm counting clicks is because I regularly search for higher album-art from Album Art Exchange. My standard embedded art today is 800x800px, so all my old standard 600x600px is being replaced. When I'm placing the new images in the album folder, I'm already inside the folder.

If you would combine the two solutions I wrote, myself and many others probably would be down to only 1 click. That is a lot of saving when doing over 100 albums.

Edit. OT, is there a way to play only sound upon saving tags etc, without any dialog box?

You can disable the whole thing at "Tools > Options > Messages" but it also disables the sound.

Suggestion 1 has been raised before and sure is worth considering.

The registry and 64bit: I have replaced the paths in the reg file from Pogram Files to Program Files (x86)
Can you test if it works?

Mp3tag_Context_Menu_Win7_64bit_Folders.zip (480 Bytes)

No that one doesn't seem to work :frowning:

I agree. I've been seeking the same ability for as long as I've been using Mp3tag. I seldom load Mp3tag with more than single album, though. Probably 99% of the time that I run Mp3tag I first do album level edits using the Tag Panel, so that means 99% of the time I have to hit Ctrl-A. After doing album-level edits, I do any track level edits, which generally means editing the title and sometimes the track artist in the File View.

In fact, there's almost no reason not to select all when loading Mp3tag. I bet most people, like myself, use the File View to do individual track level editing. Using the Tag Panel to edit things like title, tracknumber and artist is very tedious in the Tag Panel, because it requires you to save each edit and then select another track. So any time someone shifts cursor focus to the File View to edit a single track, the Select All is lost anyway, so it's unlikely that anyone would accidentally edit all files.