Feedback and improvement suggestions

AWESOME PROGRAM!!! To all who participated in the development of MP3Tag, Great job creating such a fantastic program. It's nearly perfect.

Being inept in the area of computer programming, I really appreciate your effort in providing this program to us without monitary cost.

I humbly have some suggestions for making it the only program one would need for organizing their music library.

  1. When using Convert to move and rename files, a way to move the additional files (i.e. jpg files, cue sheets, log files etc) that may be in the folder along with the music files. Deleting the empty folder would also be a nice plus.
  2. The ability to specify a multi level sort criteria for columns.
  3. Customizable menu/button bars, (i.e. being able to add a button to ones most frequently used options.
  4. In the cover art preview scripts, Is there a way to display the size of the image in the first results dialog?

Once again, Great job in creating MP3Tag. I wish I had the skill to create something like this.
Thank you.

If you use an action to format the variable %_directory% instead of the convert function you get exactly the desired result.

If you either click the colum headers in a descending order (first track number, then album sorts all albums by track number) or click on a column header and hold down shift and click on the next, you get a sorted result for multi columns. Or you define an extra column that has the contents of two fields.
Please note that usually only two sort criteria apply to get a unique sorting order. Perhaps you might try out the filtering strings to get an even better overview over your files.

Am I correct in assuming this will rename and/or relocate the existing directory with all it's contents, instead of moving files to a new one? (Which is probably the best way to do it anyway.)
I would also need to add an additional action to the group to handle the file names?

Yes, I've read that elswhere in the forum and it works fairly well but I've been experiencing some sorting problems trying to get it sorted by Track, Album, AlbumArtist. Sometimes the track sorting gets jumbled.


there is a forum thread that says something about equal lenghts and stuff to get an absolutely sorted list.
In normal cases the other possibilities suffice.

Thank you for your assistance ohrenkino

my Google Images Script does that:

or here in combination with a nice preview tool by dano: