Feedback & suggestion


Feedback first.

I have tried all the tag managers that I can find and, honestly, none is better, easier or more powerful than mp3tag. It took me a while to work out one or two things but this was me being stupid (or lazy!) - the app is simple, mostly intuitive and never really hard enough to need access to Help. Even for users with minimal tech ability, most things should be easy to learn without Help. With mp3tag, I find I only need "Bulk Rename Utility" (very little overlapping functionality) and everything is possible!

My only issue (?) with mp3tag arises from my own media management need. It isn't anything mp3tag does wrong, it's not done at all, so my issue is simply a wish. Thus...

... A suggestion:

I use nested folders to sub-categorise media. When I apply a tab value for "Genre", the nested folders make life difficult. I have to open one folder at a time and apply the genre tab value to all the files, only then to have to repeat this action for each individUal other nested folder. This is arduous, to say the least. So, what I would wish for is:

  • The ability to select a folder and have mp3tab show all media files within that folder INCLUDING media files within the respective nested folders.
  • An appropriately placed tickbox to switch this function on or off.

Thanks for an excellent media management tool.

Welcome 'paulindr'.
At first we have to make sure that you speak about the tagger application Mp3tag, current version 2.58. You are on version 2.55? Why not update?

Mp3tag allows to open one folder only or a folder tree, this behaviour can be set by checkbox in Mp3tag options. Try it out.

You can hide or select files from the current listview by invoking the Mp3tag Filter [F3] dialog and by applying an appropriate filter expression.
See manual for details and examples ...