File "blah.mp3" cannot be opened for writing... reoccuring issue!

You lost data. That is a pity.
We try to find the cause for that.
One possibility could be that you did not write V2 tags but only V1 tags.
Is this so?

actually, I am not sure Ohrenkino. I only changed the text in Artist and Albumartist - do they count as V1 tags or V2 tags? I didn't touch other fields.

actually, I'm starting to think I might have a problem in Windows.
It's suddenly stopped remembering my passwords, forcing me to keep logging back into websites (including this one) which it's never done before - even 1-2 minutes after I last visietd them.
and my full reply to your earlier posting kept getting shortened. I wrote about 5 paragraphs - but when I looked to see what had posted it was only the 1st 2 sentences. Then I did it again - and again, it only posted the start of my reply. Very strange. I've never seen that before.
and, of course, I also had problems "writing to files" while doing the tagging so it may well be something completely outside MP3Tag. I have anti-virus running. It is very confusing.
maybe this post will also be shortened :slight_smile:

You can check in Mp3tag what kind of tag versions you have in the files.
ALBUMARTIST is definitely a V2 tag. ARTIST exists in both.

In respect to your windows problem: I would start with a harddisk check with chkdsk.
Or: Explorer>Drive>Properties>Tools>Check now
Do the thorough check with all checkboxes ticked.

Thanks for your suggestion.
I checked one of the corrupt files for its tag versions and I think it said I had V1 and V2. I can't check now because I'm backing up the files again.

I have to admit I forgot 1 simple I thing during my long re-tagging and it might be responsible for my problem, just like you predicted :slight_smile:

I reinstalled my iTunes library using a back-up I'd saved halfway through my 2-day re-tagging process. Hey presto - the "missing" files in my playlist were all there. I thought my problem was solved - just do the re-tagging again.
Tonight I found that while the tags are visible in iTunes, they are still missing in another tag editor, Tag &Rename. Then I remembered that while re-tagging I deleted a 2nd comments field that seemed to be irrelevant. In the past having more than 1 comments field gave me big problems. I certainly didn't create a 2nd comments field - it might have said CommentsID...V1 or something like that. Could deleting it be what caused me to lose all the data in other fields like compose, grouping, track#, disc # and artwork?
If the tags are showing in iTunes but missing in other programs, does my back-up still have a problem? And, most important, can I still rectify my mistake somehow or is it too late?
I'd love to learn all about tags - I feel very ignorant not understanding the difference between V1 and V2 etc
anyway thanks for your help

can someone tell me why I have "warn" under my profile?

iTunes is no tag editor. To my observation, iTunes started a couple of versions ago to not write modfications into the files but only into its own database.
So, it could very well be that you have the correct data in iTunes but it never arrived in the files. That might be that what you see in Mp3tag and other programs.

As for the comment: iTunes needs a COMMENT field being set for English. Not all programs write the COMMENT field like that but keep the language of the local PC.
Mp3tag does this also by default, but you can change that within the language file - see this thread for this problem: [X] iTunes doesn't read comment tag when Mp3tag language is Spanish
You should check the settings for Mp3tag for what versions of tags you read, write and delete.
See Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg for that.
Read & write: V1, V2
Delete: V1, V2, APE.
With the rest of your problems: it looks a lot like a combination of numerous negative influences. Yet, MP3tag will help you to get a clean collection.

seems someone else is on the same wavelength as Ohrenkino. If you could just bear with me for a little longer?

A guy in another forum just posted this suggestion:
"You can set the mp3tag program settings to read id3v1, id3v2, ape, remove ID3v1 and APE, but to only WRITE ID3v2.3.
Load up all your files in mp3tag, then save them (click the save icon, upper left). Then it will have written ID3v2.3 to all files.
Then click the red X next to save icon. This will remove the ID3v1 and ape tags. Then you'll be left with all your original tag info inside ID3v2.3 tags."

that's definitely worth a go.
However ... I am using 2.62 ... in the APE sub-folder the only read options are ID3v1 and APE and the only Write options are ID3v1and APE....not the one I want, 2.3? I tried doing what he said in the Ape sub-folder options but the X button just wiped all tags. (so I undid the operation)
The wider options are in the Mpeg sub-folder of options - I did as the guy suggested but when I pressed the X button, all it did was wipe all the tags again, which is what I expected it to do.
can someone tell me if this guy is correct and exactly how to change the settings in 2.62? thanks

If you want to treat MP3 files then only the settings are relevant in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg.
The APE section refers to files that are native APE format and usually have a different extension like ".ape" and not ".mp3".
I wanted to make sure that you write the intended tag versions. V2.3 is the better and probably most compatible one.
Reading APE has the problem that it overwrites any V1 or V2 contents - even if there are not all fields present. Some programs only fill the fields for one tag version and leave the others out of sync.
If you want to learn more about the various tag versions a look into wikipedia might be worth it:

I just install v2.63 and cannot change the tag for a 2 minute song.

OK. And?

Please be a little more elaborate.

would someone spare me a little time again :slight_smile:

about 10 days to 2 weeks ago I thought I'd corrupted many of my songs because while the tags all showed up in iTunes, many did not show up in Windows or MP3tag. Conversely some songs looked fine in MP3tag but had tags missing in iTunes.

Someone suggested the following, on the assumption my fault was due to (old-style) tag versions

"You can set the mp3tag program settings to read id3v1, id3v2, ape, remove ID3v1 and APE, but to only WRITE ID3v2.3.
Load up all your files in mp3tag, then save them (click the save icon, upper left). Then it will have written ID3v2.3 to all files.
Then click the red X next to save icon. This will remove the ID3v1 and ape tags. Then you'll be left with all your original tag info inside ID3v2.3 tags."
I did exactly as he suggested and it seemed to change the tags versions he said - BUT the missing tags were still missing.
I've spent the last 10 days re-downloading my library from a back-up in the clouds - but my songs still have the same problem - tags showing up in iTunes but not in MP3tag or Windows.
I have found that many of the faulty files do indeed have APE version of tags.
Just to be clear: my MP3tag is set to
READ ID3v.1, ID3v2 and APE
I repeated the process with a faulty song - now - it shows in file properties as only having ID3v2.3 version of tags ... BUT many tags are still missing in MP3tag and still showing up in iTunes (so that gives me cause for hope!)

I'd really appreciate someone explaining how I seem to be doing what was suggested without resolving the issue, thanks

I think you are facing the following:
itunes has a database of its own and has to be forced to update the information.
So what itunes may show is an echo of the past but not necessarily the uptodate tags.

The topic about the tag versions is sometimes puzzling.
Mp3tag has the following priorities:
So the contents of APE tags overwrites all the others.
If you tag with mp3tag, all tags are in sync (within the limits of their specification in respect to number of fields and length).
If you have used other programs that do not keep the tags in sync or have modified the settings for read, writing, deleting the tag versions, it could be that you have information in Id3V2 tags but that is overwritten by empty APE tags. And on.
you can epxeriment a little by switching the reading of APE on and off for those files that are still ok in itunes but miss information in mp3tag. perhaps some of the lost information pops up.

If not: you may try to export the tag information from itunes to an xml-file, strip the xml-file from its xml-tokens and then import the plain data with mp3tag into the files. This might save you some time.

thanks Ohrenkino - that sounds quite grim. If the iTunes tags are "echoes" and don't exist any more there's no quick way of restoring them.
I tried what you suggested with 1 file = I turned the READ setting for APE from ON to OFF, then saved, then deleted ... as previously - no change to the tags :frowning:
The last part of what you said confuses me, especially re the tokens. I wouldn't dare to export all the iTunes tags into an XML file and try to import them into MP3tag. I'm already worried about my level of understanding of tags and I might end up causing even more damage to my library.

unless there's another idea, I'll change them manually, referring to the tag info from iTunes and changing them 1 by 1 in MP3tag (there are about 850 of them) - I guess I should 1st update the tag versions to ID3v2.3 and remove the other versions before editing - otherwise I'll always have a problem with those files...
and in future ... should I ensure all songs only have ID3v2.3 tag versions before editing?

Yes. best compatibility is currently with ID3V2.3.

"xml-tokens" ... an xml-file is a plain text file that you can edit with any odd text editor. As soon as you open it, you will see what I mean by tokens as they are usually enclosed in <>.

And as it is an export from itunes, it does not do anything with the original library.

So you could freely edit the file to adapt it for your needs.

anything is easy when you know how to do it :slight_smile:
actually, I don't see how this could work for me

  1. the faulty files (about 1500) are spread across hundreds of directories - so it would be very hard to list only those files in iTunes and create an XML files of only them - I could only create one huge XML file of the whole library
  2. BUT ... MP3tag won't let me load the whole library in one go - I must split it into 2 halves - so how to import the huge XML file into MP3tag?

if you can tell me how I could do this easily, even for 1 file, I'll try it

meanwhile, I've started editing each of the faulty files one by one
thanks again

What I could think of:
iTunes lets you save Playlists. I do not quite know, which format. But if it is in something like m3u, you should be able to open that playlist (and all the files) in MP3tag.
The playlist is to collect the files with missing data
The export from the database as xml-file serves as data source to fill the missing fields and tags.

It would be even more easy, if you could save the playlist (also) as xml and the xml-file contains all the tag data. This would minimize the effort to strip the data from the total export.

thanks again - I really appreciate you coming up with ideas

you are suggesting I create a playlist of songs with missing tags - but in iTunes, they are not missing tags. They are spread out like needles in a haystack across many thousands of files. So how to identify them and create such a playlist?

Yes, iTunes allows us to export playlists in XML, TXT or M3u formats ... but let's say I did export a big playlist in XML format ... I can only load half my songs at one time in MP3tag (I'm doing A-L and M-Z)... yet some of the new playlist will be in folders A-L and some in folders M-Z ... so I'm quite confused how this will work

I also don't know how to extract the XML playlist tags into their correct positions in MP3tag

It would be great if we could crack this - I've spent most of today doing it one by one and only done a tiny fraction of the 1,500 faulty songs, cheers

OK, then another crazy idea:
what about the other way round:
you load fair chunks of your collection into mp3tag.
Then you filter for missing data with something like
%artist% MISSING
From the list of tracks you get, you create a playlist.
Open this playlist in iTunes and see what tag data is still available.
Then export into an xml-file
xml-files usually show data in a format with something like
With a word processor you can replace the stuff in <> with a tabulator character (in Word this would be ^t).
Then you create a table or import the data into excel which generates great tables from values that are separated by tabs.
Now you can easily delete all the columns that you do not need (you do need the filename and path, though).
In the end you generate a text file from the data and import that textfile into mp3tag with the Convert>Textfile-Tag function.
A lot of data juggling but probably still faster than manual work.

I'm afraid my hope that MP3tag could provide a miracle is looking forlorn.
Re your latest suggestion: the faulty files have lost data in several fields but it isn't straightforward. Many different fields are faulty and each field is either missing data or has incorrect data. So I'd need to use several filters - and I'm not savvy enough to fully understand what you're suggesting.
I was hopeful last night that one of my recent back-ups still had the data intact - when I loaded half the library into MP3tag, all the data was there .... I once again thought I'd corrupted the files recently and should revert to the back-up. The tags were either showing
ID3v2.2 (ID3v2.3)
ID3v2.3 (ID3 v1 ID3v2.3 APEv2)
ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)

the middle one is clearly the problem area. It showed all the data when I loaded it but sadly, the moment I either left-clicked on it or right-clicked and pressed "extended tags", the tag version changed to
APEv2 (ID3v1, ID3v2.3 APEv2) ... and not only did all my data vanish, all the previous data that was in the file before I got it from my friends suddenly reappeared as if from the past.

So it seems to me that you can do what you want with these APE files - anything you do will only be "a front", a masquerade, and the real permanent data will always be lurking in the background.

Since my problem is not only "missing" data but incorrect data I can't see any shortcut to solving it in MP3tag.

Out of interest, if I used another tag editor, specifically a 64-bit tag editor, and exported the entire library as an XML file out of iTunes and into the tag editor, would that have a chance of overwriting the faulty files?
As it stands I'll continue to work away at manually changing the faulty files.
meanwhile, thanks again Ohrenkino. It seems like you're the only one at MP3tag who's reading this and able to offer suggestions!

This looks to me as though the APE tags do not contain any useful data.
So before reading the files, switch off the reading of APE tags and you should see only that what is in the V2.3 and V1 tags.
This data should be complete (according to what you have written).
Then save these files to get rid of the APE tags and that's it.
Alternatively, you could launch Mp3val as this program usually interprets APE tags as "garbage at end" and deletes them.