File... cannot be opened for writing

I have uset mp3tag half a year using XP and Vista. Now I have bought at new PC using windows 8.1 pro and it is a 64 bit machine. I have installed mp3tag. Unfortunately I get the following message, when I try to change the metadata in a file: name of file - cannot be opened for writing.

The strange thing is that I can change some files - others are locked. I do not think it has someting to do with the coverpicture. I can see that the program has installed itself at c:/program files (86).
I can use my older computer to manipulate the tags, but it would be more convenient to use my new PC.
I have read that it is possible to unlock the files using the program LockHunter. Unfortunately the program did not mention lock files. I have tried to deactivate internet explorer. I wonder if there is an indexing program locking some of the files.
How can I solve the problem?

Jens Solvang DK

It is actually the Explorer himself.
See this thread on the problem.
Another "file cannot be opened for writing" issue

Thank You for the answer. The thread says:

I have earlier read this answer, but I do not understand the meaning: context menu, d&d function. I am using mp3tag, and not Explorer. I do not show files in an open explorer-window.
Regards Jens S. DK

In short: it is a conflict in the file access.
Just as a precaution:
If you have updated your system to W8 and left the music library where it was, the files probably also have the old user as owner - you may check that in the Explorer. If the "Owner" column (once you have enabled it) shows a cryptic number and not the current user name, you should reposess them.
If the problem is still there, then you have to investigate, if some other process (use the task manager to find out) that is rather keen on such files block them. It is enough if you let Windows create the thumbs.db to store thumbnails in to get an access block.

Thank You for Your help!

You are right telling me that it is at question of accessing the file.
I forgot to mention, that I use an extern harddisk which I connect to my old and my new computer on and off. I can follow Your thoughts, but I do not know how to solve the problem.
I have tried to copy some files to my new intern hardisk on my new computer - and then I can use mp3tag without problems. :slight_smile:

I can see, that the Owner information tells the drive S and a lot of numbers. The files which I can edit shows information on my new PC. Now I have to find out if I can change the ownership as a batch.
Can anyone tell me how to change the ownership?
Regards Jens Solvang DK

There is a Microsoft support article (I get the German version even though I have searched the English one - so perhaps you get your local version):

It tells you how to change the ownership in XP - but the mechanism is the same in W7 and W8.

Thanks for the answer. The answer in the link is in danish since I have a danish version of Windows 8.1 pro. I will study it later, when I move the intern harddisk to my new computer but now I have the reason. Thank You for Your kind help.
Regards Jens Solvang DK