file name & title name fields

When I try to change all the 1st letters in the names in the file name & title name fields through the quick action case change to mixed case, I get a message saying these already exist & will not let me make the adjustments in the lettering case.

Firstly have you updated your mp3tag recently?

Then try this. this script changes the case like...
%artist% - %title%
Katherine ellis - all you need (OM)
Katherine Ellis - All You Need (OM)

You can see that it changes the 1st letter of each word to Title case leave the CAPS as they are. You can use any of the format fields here but these are the ones I choose to change. It up to you which ones suit your work flow.

Name of action group: Clean-&Up Case#TAG &Keep CAPS With Title Case

Action #1:
Action type: Format value
Field: ALBUM
Formatstring: $caps2(%album%,'/[(. -')

Action #2:
Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $caps2(%albumartist%,'/[(. -')

Action #3:
Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $caps2(%album artist%,'/[(. -')

Action #4:
Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $caps2(%artist%,'/[(. -')

Action #5:
Action type: Format value
Field: GENRE
Formatstring: $caps2(%genre%,'/[(. -')

Action #6:
Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $caps2(%publisher%,'/[(. -')

Action #7:
Action type: Format value
Field: TITLE
Formatstring: $caps2(%title%,'/[(. -')

how or where or what steps do I take to make those individual actions, I clicked on a star sign in the action, but did not see any fields for action type filed etc.

Ive uploaded the action along with two other actions to get rid of unwanted spaces. Just place these in the \Mp3tag\data folder and run mp3tag and they will appear in the actions.

_Clean_Up_Necessary__White_Spaces.mta (45 Bytes)

_Clean_Up_Necessary__Trailing__Leading_Spaces.mta (196 Bytes)

Clean__Up_Case_TAG__Keep_CAPS_With_Title_Case.mta (389 Bytes)

thanks for helping, but I am totally lost, I clicked on your links, & they just opened up to a blank page with the text, I tried highlighting them & dragging moving them to C\program files\mp3 tag, but nothing happened.

all I want to do is to get mp3 tag to make the 1st letter of the text in the file name fields & title fields to be a cap letter, there are numerous columns in mp3 tag, there is a column called file name that has the track, artists & the song name, then there is a column that has the title of the songs, I want all the first letters in the song titles in both the file name field & title field to be a cap letter.

Edit, I tried creating within in the clean up & caps action group, to get the file name column to accept making 1st letter a cap in the song title, but mp3 tag gives me a message saying that it already exists & will not not change the caps.

It is not clear enough which method you use or way you go within Mp3tag to reach your goal.
Please elaborate how did you tried it to get the file name column (???) to accept making 1st letter a cap (what should be done with the other characters?).
Do you work on the filename only or on some tag-fields too?
Do you use an action "Format value" or an action "Case conversion" or an action "Replace using Regular Expression"?

It would be helpful for the forum helpers, if you could install the following small Mp3tag export script and run it once against an example file to get a report of the tag-fields and their content.
Then attach the report text file to your next forum message. (863 Bytes)

Before any further activities ... please update to the last version 2.49 of Mp3tag and update your forum signature accordingly!

DD.20110622.1159.CEST (863 Bytes)

I think that sums it up.
As you apparently do not know how to download files, you have to find yourself a different approach.
As you cannot handle the download of Stevehero's actions, you have to create them - have a look at the FAQs

If you cannot follow the descriptions there, then I do not see much sense in going on.

Then get some knowledge about the differences between FILENAME and tags. Just a hint: the TITLE is not the FILENAME.

Unfortunately, you do not tell us HOW you edit a filename from within mp3tag. As default, the column for filename is read-only. So what do you do?

The method I have used in the past versions of mp3 tag were to go right to the filename column, double click on individual tracks so they are highlighted with a cursor & edited the songs to have caps for the 1st letter of each word. I would also do this same thing, & double click on the title filed column & make the 1st letter of each word a cap. This had worked in earlier versions of mp3 tag on a PC, now I am using this version on a mac running windows xp pro through parallels desktop.

I have also used the action case conversion> _FILENAME>Mixed case. As wells as; action>replace>sky>replace with Sky. Like mentioned above, this has worked in the past, but now does not.

I am currently running version 2.49.

You should turn back the time to get back into the past.


"The current versions do not support this function anymore," would have sufficed, not sarcasm, I was just trying to understand something, but I see I will have to just forget it, & move on.