File resaved and date changed when do nothing

with release 2.90a

when i open the extended metatag dialog window and just click OK to close it then the sofware resave the whole files and change the date (whereas i changed /updated /did nothing)

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see here:

If you do not want anything to happen to the file, close the extended tags dialogue with Cancel.

Just for clarification: Mp3tag always writes metadata to the files when told so without examining first, whether saving it would result in any actual change to the file.

This is by design and not considered a bug.

I think this is a little bit problematic because it is not clear to the user that clicking on o.k. in the extended tag-view is the same like "save" or CTRL-S which means saving again all marked files.

I use the timestamp for synchronizing my files between 2 locations over the network. Therefore I need the setting to not preserve the modification time when saving tags.

So here's an example what happened last time when I had a look at my complete library with ALT-t and noticed that there were displayed 2 tags that I did not want, DISCOGS_RELASE_ID and PUBLISHER.
I marked them to be removed, clicked ok and went for a coffee.
When I came back I noticed that MP3Tag already had changed the timestamp for about 80.000 files, although the unwanted tags affected only a few files.
So next time synchronizing my library will take half a day for the synchronizing software.

I know that I should have filtered for the unwanted tags first and after that apply the remove of the tags. But who thinks that MP3Tag saves every file when you tell it to just delete a tag that is embedded in about 20 files.

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