FILENAME gets white spaces wiped out at its end

To reproduce this bug create a Format Value action

Format string: %_filename%'''

where every ' sign means one space [used here to make it visible]

Result? None whatsoever as no spaces are added to the end of FILENAME. But if you modify that action to

Format string: %_filename%'''X

then the action will add three space and and X sign at the end of FILENAME

This is happening in versions 3.08b and 3.08d - but was not happening in 3.06a

This is similar to this bug, that was taken care of:


It seems like the report is about files with whitespace before the dot of the file extension, whereas the linked documentation describes that no whitespace is allowed after the file extension.

It seems that one of the latest changes made it impossible to create filenames with whitespace before the dot of the file extension.

Can you confirm or am I missing something?

The Preview-Button shows the correct/expected result, but the final filename seems to get "trimmed":

C:\Temp\01 - Filename with trailing spaces     .mp3
  "" ->
  "Filename with trailing spaXes     .mp3"

also the Preview in the Tag->Tag Convert window:
It doesn't matter if you use %title% or %_filename% or %_filename_ext% in the format string. The trailing spaces between the filename and the dot (before the extension) get trimmed.

Yes. I can confirm this.

With the converter Tag->Filename the preview is also trimmed, with converter Tag->Tag the preview shows the traling spaces.


This should be fixed with a last-minute fix in Mp3tag v3.09. Thanks for reporting and all your feedback!


And so it seems that this issue in gone in v3.09

Thank you for a fast remedy

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