Filename - Tag Comment Field

I've just recently discovered this great tagging program!

I'm setting up some 'filename - tag' format strings (selectable from the drop down box), and would like to have some way of labeling them with a description that I supply.

I've searched the forum and found a topic here which talks about a similar thing for 'tag - filename' where you can put comments between square brackets eg [A Comment].

However, this doesn't seem to work for 'filename - tag'. Is there any way of adding comments to 'filename - tag' format strings?

No. The converter reads the data which is already in the filenames but does not add anything. You may have noticed that you have to specify a mask to structure the filename so that the available data ends up in the right tag. How would you like to specify that your comment is supposed to be added to the comment field?

Now then, but there is help on the way and many ways lead to Rome.

a: after the import of data from the filenames use the tag panel to fill the comment field for selected files and press save.

b: See the FAQs /t/967/1 to add a comment to an already existing comment.

c: (this one is a little strange) After the import of data with the converter "Filename - tag" export that data again with the converter "tag - filename" but add to the mask your comment. Write the filenames and then re-import the added data in the correct tag field.

Please note that you do not have to import all data into already filled tags if you use the pseudo variable %dummy%.

Thanks for your reply.

I was wanting to add an alias to the format string itself, rather than insert constant text into a tag, but I gather that this can't be done.

I think I'll explore using Actions, which I can label meaningfully. Although I see a difficulty in accessing higher up the directory tree than %_parent_directory%, which I need to do. I'm going to experiment with
$folderdepth(%_folderpath%)) and see what I can make happen.