Filename - Tag Ignore extra data

Hello! Love the software works awesomely. I do have one question if that's okay. It involves removing unnecessary information that is being considered %title%.

Simply put I have information in (parentheses) that I would like to have ignored.

Home Free - 19 You and Me (Dan Shay cover).mp3
Artist: Home Free
Title: 19 You and Me (Dan Shay cover)

and what I would like is
Artist: Home Free
Title: 19 You and Me

Thank you in advance for any help with this matter.

see the FAqs on that, esp.

and there
"Of course, sometimes it's also needed to omit some information that should not imported to the tag. This can be done using the %dummy% placeholder"

I have treid playing with the palceholder %dummy% but guess I need to learn how to use it correctly. Thank you for the heads up for what direction I need to go!

Would lead to a format string like
%artist% - %title% (%dummy%