Filename -> Tag; Numbers

Hello everyone.

I am begginer and lost girl, non-english speaker. Please be nice. I love this software. I have this problem with it.

I have some filename: 01. Chapter 1.mp3 and I need it to the "Title" Window.. Ok, I push "Filename - Tag" .. It works! :slight_smile: but.. I give this rule "%title%" .. and the title is "01. Chapter 1" ... What can I do if I want only "Chapter 1" without 01.? Can you help me, please? Thank you. :exploding_head: :kissing_heart:

Hi and welcome!

You can ignore the first part of the filename using the %dummy% placeholder, the full formatstring would look like

%dummy% %title%

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Oh, thank you. Thank you very much, Glorian <3 You made my day. :sunny: