Filename to Title

Hello All smart folks,

I am still trying to learn how to use the MP3TAG programing.

Currently I am trying to copy only a part or the Filename to the Title column.

  • Filename (many to do)
  • 01COL - Teaching in Parables.mp3
  • 02COL - The Sower Went Forth to Sow.mp3
  • 03COL - First the Blade, Then the Ear.mp3
  • Title (empty)

How do I copy just the "Name" (like "Teaching in Parables") to the Title column. Each set I am working on is many, (this set is 29 .mp3's). I just want to place the Name, not the track# in the title column.

My search on the site "Filename to Title" comes back blank, because using "to" in the search, any search other way I find none that I am trying to learn about.


Use "Convert > Filename - tag" and enter
%dummy% - %title%

Nice work "dano"

one more question.

Is there a way to remove the blank space before and after the title name??

  • Teaching in Parables
some are space before, and some are not.
  • Asking to Give

Thanks "dano"


After you've imported the titles, you can run an action that removes the spaces:

Ok, next question,

How do I import the titles, from a text file?

  • 01PP-Why was Sin Permitted
  • 02PP-The Creation
  • 03PP-The Temptation and Fall
  • 04PP-The Plan of Redemption
  • 05PP-Cain and Abel Tested
  • 06PP-Seth and Enoch
  • 07PP-The Flood
  • 08PP-After the Flood
  • 09PP-The Literal Week
  • 10PP-The Tower of Babel

to change the others?

  • 1-001-PP.mp3
  • 1-002-PP.mp3
  • 1-003-PP.mp3
  • 1-004-PP.mp3
  • 1-005-PP.mp3
  • 1-006-PP.mp3
  • 1-007-PP.mp3
  • 1-008-PP.mp3
  • 1-009-PP.mp3
  • 1-010-PP.mp3

This part of the instruction,

  • Import text file
  • Imports the contents of the text file specified by the absolute or relative filename into the specified tag field. You can use placeholders like %artist% or %album% within file name.
  • Example: to copy the content of the file lyrics.txt to the lyrics field, set the field to UNSYNCEDLYRICS and the format string to lyrics.txt.
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either I don't understand it or It doesn't detail how?

Don't use the action, use "Convert > Text file - tag"

Hello "dano"

I don't understand.
How should I create the text file and import it to fill in the Tags I need??

I thought this is the content of your text file:
01PP-Why was Sin Permitted
02PP-The Creation
03PP-The Temptation and Fall
04PP-The Plan of Redemption

means one line for each file.

You can load the file in the converter and use the string %title% or %dummy%-%title% to get it in the tags.

Yes, that is a file listing I have but I do not understand how to import the files to make the changes.

Is there not a "Step by Step" process instructions on how to do it??
I can not find out How to do the process.

Can you write again what exactly you want to achieve?

Still experimenting with it.
I wish there was a step to step data on the usage and using the scripts.

All I have found was comments, but not many visual and detailed instructions. Only answers like from you.


I am trying to standardizing my mp3 files.