Files aren`t removed

When importing my files into the very latest version v3.10 the files are not removed when selecting remove from the menu. Refreshing the page brings them back. Even closing the program down and reopening the program brings them back. They are never removed. A bug?

There is a difference between "Remove" and "Delete" in Mp3tag.

  1. "Remove" only clears the selected tracks from the visible list, not the file itself.
    Removed files will reappear after a restart of Mp3tag or pressing F5.

  2. "Delete" will delete the selected file(s) from the filesystem. You have to recover them from backup (or if you are lucky from the recycle bin).

Yes, I know. In previous versions when I have chosen to remove the files from the system, they are removed. I do not wish to delete them but remove them. However, this is not currently happening in this build. If I import a fresh batch into the program then they are replaced, but never removed.
So I know the difference.

You mean, when you removed/cleared them from the visible list in Mp3tag?
(By right-clicking and "Remove" or menu Edit -> Remove or pressing DEL)?

Yes. Everytime I reopen the program the old files are still present. This never used to happen. Its not a major problem because as I say, replacing them gets rid of them off screen. But all that happens then, is the fresh files are never removed when selcting the correct method of removing them. Just thought you should be made aware of this, thats all.

Do you use the latest development build 3.10d?

I ask, because I can't reproduce this behaviour with 3.10d. If I press "Remove" on the selected entries, they will be removed. And as expected, they reappear after a restart of Mp3tag (because they still exist in the choosen directory).

Let me try this.... I will get back to you. I checked for latest version and the auto reply said no updates available but I did not know about this developer build.

Oh well, not working for me! Even booted up with the developrs build and the files still there. Yes, I have tried to remove them again but they wont go away.

I assume that you know that Mp3tag always load the last used directory on startup?

You can change that behaviour in Tools -> Options -> Directories: Favorite directory and activated "start from this directory". If you choose a directory without music files or even a not existing directory, Mp3tag always starts with an empty list. Could this help?

I have just checked this and nothing is ticked. I will have to live with it I guess. I have no idea why it`s behaving like this. It never used to. No worries and thanks for your assistance.

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PS. I should point out that I am trying to remove 50 files in one attempt. Perhaps there is a limit on this before it will work correctly?

I just tried to remove/clear 998 out of 1001 files. 3 files remained visible as expected.
After pressing F5 or restarting Mp3tag they all reappear as they should, because they still exist in this directory.

Could you tell us the version of Mp3tag where "Remove" did not show this behavior?

I do not see any way of attaching screenshots here. To answer your question, probably two or three versions back. the exact build I could not tell you. I currently have 100% Elton John stuck in my view (which is 50 tracks long). But I am 100% sure that the program never used to reopen with the old material on.

You can add it directly in your answer from your clipboard.
(Just press CTRL+V after you made your screenshot with PrintScreen or a third party tool).
Or you can use the 7. button in your answer menu toolbar, called "Upload" image

The only way I know not to reload the last used directory in Mp3tag is the one from my answer above.

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