Files in Windows Explorer

I would like to change the way my files are shown in windows explorer

Currently, they are sorted as follows:
file information

*in this configuration, I have an Artist subdirectory and then an Album subdirectory before I can get to my music file.

What I would like to do is this:
file information (with Album the song is from being one of the columns)

What I've tried thus far is, I've gone to I/Music and did a search for all .mp3 files. Then I right click and copied and moved all the files (approx 4900) back into the general I/Music directory. My problem is then dragging the files from the artist (ex. Air Supply) from the I/Music directory into the existing Air Supply subdirectory. Using my USB connection to my music, this transfer is very slow.

Is there a way to have files moved in Windows Explorer using mp3 tag? Or is it just going to be a very slow process? I've just finished the As, but still have B thru Z to go! Thank you!!

MP3tag can hardly do anything about that.
There are a number of threads and posts in the FAQs how to create folder structures and filenames from tags, see e.g.

You can also try out filehandlers like FreeCommander of Total Commander or some other with have renaming tools and / or are able to display tags. Maybe they could speed up your process

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